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Sleep Sister by Karen Breen

Sleep Sister by Karen Breen
Sleep Sister by Karen Breen
When the past won't leave you alone...
On the last day of 1979, sisters Gilly and Marina and their little brother Davy are running wild with all the other children at a remote campsite on a beautiful Northland beach. While the adults party, the children's games grow more reckless.
Over the next seven years, the Duggan family tries to forget the tragic events of that night. But 1987 is the year that blows everything apart. A death in the family creates seismic shifts in loyalty. Trust is betrayed and new allegiances are formed. As the excesses of the early 80s come to an abrupt halt, the past resurfaces in the most unexpected ways.

This beautiful coming-of-age story revels in its time and place. A sharply intelligent novel that is both compassionate and cutting, Sleep Sister is an evocative and moving debut.
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