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Vivienne's Blog by Stephen Leaton

Vivienne's Blog by Stephen Leaton
Vivienne's Blog by Stephen Leaton
An acclaimed masterpiece of suspense, this psychological thriller is a mesmerising journey into the mind of a brilliant but disturbingly deceitful woman who uses an encrypted blog to communicate with her ex-lover, Callum.
Hauntingly poetic, the ingenious plot leaves you guessing till the end. Through her often lyrical, at times deeply philosophical, and always utterly engrossing writing, Vivienne conveys her thoughts, her memories, and her peculiar version of events. Obsession leads Vivienne to stalk Cal and his new partner, Mary, and worse. But when she is arrested and placed in a psychological hospital, a shocking truth causes her entire narrative to become suspect. Does her refusal to acknowledge this point to truth, manipulation and deceit, or the delusions of an increasingly demented mind?
"Books like Vivienne's Blog are the reason I love being a book reviewer . . . every now and then I'll find a piece of gold. When that golden nugget turns out to be a from a first-time Kiwi novelist it's all the more special." - Diane McCarthy, Whakatane Beacon

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