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Yoga of Heart by Mark Whitwell

Yoga of Heart by Mark Whitwell
Yoga of Heart by Mark Whitwell

Hatha Yoga is tantric practice. While Vedantic Brahmans -€“ the caretakers and contemporary proponents of Yoga - €“borrowed tantric practices to develop their religious aspirations to transcend this world, they denied the essential purpose of Yoga to link the mind to the wonder of our own condition.

Tantric traditions also confused Yoga with religion in their attempt to conquer nature or to go 'beyond'€™. Meanwhile, the idea of '€˜tantric sex' has become popular without its context and catalyst - an actual yoga practice designed for each person.

Mark Whitwell puts a spotlight on these issues to restore and efficient and complete Yoga for everybody.

"Written with rare eloquence, detail, wisdom and humour, Yoga of Heart is a profound and irresistible invitation to infuse our yoga practice with passion, joy and heart." - Micheline Berry, Founder Zen Dancing, Yoga teacher Sacred Movement Yoga

"Clearly articulated with passion, compassion, extensive knowledge and warm humour, Mark Whitwell compels students and practitioners at any level to experience the joy of Yoga as empowering, life-affirming and liberating." - Susan Swan, Director Positive Yoga and Hamsa Yoga.

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