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From the labyrinth that bedeviled Theseus in his search for the Minotaur to the exquisitely sculpted hedge mazes of English country houses, the maze has been a source of great pleasure and frustration for centuries. In The Amazing Book of Mazes, award-winning maze designer Adrian Fisher presents ove..
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Black Rhino and Tickbird want to know why Crocodile is crying. They search the African landscape for other animals who might know the answer. The few they find suggest Crocodile is sad that so many of them face extinction. But when Black Rhino finally asks Crocodile why he's crying, he learns an int..
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A tour of home design considers how a range of cultures created houses that reflected their ideals, values, and landscapes, in a volume of vernacular and ethnographic domestic architecture that features a forest treehouse, a Thai boathouse, a Siberian hut, and more. 15,000 first printing...
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Erin McHugh's last book, Like My Mother Always Said, collected a rainbow of helpful, humorous, and questionable wisdom from our moms and has been a solid success. It's not fair that mothers should get all the attention, so the next branch on the family tree to explore belongs to fathers. The same ..
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For "Shakespeare in the Garden", fourteen gardens in England, the United States and Canada have been photographed by Mick Hales, one of the premier landscape photographers of our day. They include Shakespeare's own gardens as well as the three great restorations of major Elizabethan properties creat..
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Travels of the Zephyr is an interactive book that introduces readers to various lands and peoples across the globe through the notes of the fictional explorer James Mac Killian, who lived from 1889 to 1978. James Mac Killian traveled the world in his homemade hot-air balloon, the Zephyr, documenting..
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When the National Animal Choir performs the latest song by renowned composer and conductor Mr. Herbert Timberteeth, nothing goes exactly as planned. Mr. Timberteeth has some preconceived notions of what animals like to do that are reflected in his song. But it turns out that lions prefer flower arra..
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