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Stock: 9 Model: 9781845433253
Aspiring rock heroes have the answer to their prayers in this unique condensed guide to learning the essential tools and tricks that rock guitarists normally take years to perfect. It' s a crash course designed to take you from complete beginner to hot rock guitarist ready to take to the..
Stock: 65 Model: 9781845434991
In this breezy guide to personalizing stationery, clothing, accessories, gifts and more, you'll learn the techniques for carving your own stamps and applying them to every surface imaginable. With twenty easy-to-follow projects and illustrated templates to get you started, you'll soon be adding pers..
Model: 9781845434083
What was your first knitting project? The scarf is where many of us start and often return. Scarves never lose their appeal. You can cast on with your favourite yarn and needles and create something beautiful. This book contains 25 up-to-the-minute patterns for all levels of knitting ability startin..
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