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Arcturus Publishing

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Arcturus Military Classics discuss the strategies, tactics and weapons of the two World Wars, and vividly bring to life how these were employed on the battlefields of Europe, North Africa and Russia, through detailed narrative of the crucial battles. Although never losing sight of the bigger picture..
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The Allen Carr name guarantees good display in bookshops - because it guarantees reliable sales. The essence of Easy Way to Stop Smoking in bite-sized chunks. Specially created for the 'sound-bite' society that needs everything in manageable chunks. This is the title that looks most accessible an..
Model: 9780572032913
With the introduction of a smoking ban in public places there has never been greater pressure on smokers to quit. The time to promote anti-smoking titles is now. No-one is more aware than Allen Carr that some of the people who are desperate to give up smoking require a different approach to that pro..
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The manga phenomenon originated in Japan and is rapidly growing as a cult genre in the US and the UK. Having been introduced to the template 'hero' of the book, the aspiring manga artist is carefully led through every stage of the drawing process: starting with the hero's head through to the complet..
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Learning to draw is now a very popular pastime and a steadily increasing hobby sales area for booksellers. Barrington Barber's accessible style is so immediately easy and absorbing, that a quick browse through his books is enough to convince any customer that this is the place to start to improve. A..
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