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Tablet's list of the 100 most Jewish foods is not about the most popular Jewish foods, or the tastiest, or even the most enduring. It's a list of the most significant foods culturally and historically to the Jewish people, explored deeply with essays, recipes, stories, and context. Some of the dishe..
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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade, you've most certainly heard of Patricia Schultz's groundbreaking 1,000 Places to See Before You Die - the ultimate travel bible. Originally published in 2003 after Schultz spent eight years researching and writing the tome, one of the most ..
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There are over 500,000 golf holes in the world. So how did the editors of Golf Magazine - and their panel of experts - come up with the top 500. The winners include holes at such revered courses as Pebble Beach and St Andrew's, as well as lesser known spots like Royal Antwerp in Belgium and Yarra Ya..
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A Field Guide to Whisky is a one-stop guide for all the information a whisky enthusiast needs. With the whisky market booming all over the world, now is a perfect time for a comprehensive guide to this popular brown spirit. What are the basic ingredients in all whiskies? How does it get its flavor? ..
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New York Times bestseller James Beard Award Winner IACP Award Winner Thomas Keller shares family-style recipes that you can make any or every day. In the book every home cook has been waiting for, the revered Thomas Keller turns his imagination to the American comfort foods closest to his heart-flak..
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"Among the many rewards of America the Ingenious, Kevin Baker's survey of Yankee know-how, is stumbling on its buried nuggets. . . . Baker examines a wide range of the achievements that have made, and still make, America great again--and again." --The Wall Street Journal All made in America: The s..
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AMONG TREES is a photographic journey that spans time and the continents. It is a sojourn in olive groves in Italy and palm trees on Rodeo Drive, a royal hunting forest in England and banyans on Maui. Each extraordinary photograph conjures up all the expected and predictable pleasures of walking in ..
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A New Way of Thinking About Food and Fragrance Turn a brilliant natural perfumer loose in a chef's kitchen and you get vanilla perfume, saffron, ginger, and blood orange bath salts, and a cucumber mist. Turn a brilliant chef loose in a perfumer's pantry and you get rose-infused steamed bass, peach-..
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It's a crunch and aroma you can savor in your mind before you even take a bite: that perfect crust and that perfect crumb you can get only in bread baked with craft and care. Artisan Baking puts that bread within reach of every home baker; even the beginner now deftly will be able to turn out sourdo..
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Holiday Cocktails is the newest addition to the Artisanal Kitchen series, adapted from Raising the Bar (Artisan, 2004) by master mixologist Nick Mautone. Holiday Cocktails provides dozens of foolproof ideas for successful entertaining at home, including the basics of cocktail making, choosing the ri..
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Holiday Cookies is the newest addition to the Artisanal Kitchen series, providing dozens of foolproof recipes for cookies, bars, and savories of all textures, from simple holiday classics like Vanilla Bean Tuiles and Great Grahams to the more decadent Caramel Cheesecake Bars and Chunky Hazelnut Meri..
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A collection of recipes that makes entertaining easy for any occasion - whether it's a cocktail hour, a brunch, a dinner party, or an elaborate holiday feast. Recipes for Lobster Salad, Tarragon Roasted Chicken, Potato Gratin, and Chocolate Souffle make for an easy-to-make foolproof dinner menu that..
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