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Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories

Stock: 7 Model: 9781452145143
Santa's sleigh is in bad shape, but his elves have the solution -12 solutions, in fact! Sherri Duskey Rinker's buoyant rhyme and Jake Parker's accessible comic-inspired art give this turbocharged and rocket fueled spin on the 12 Days of Christmas both childhood exuberance and ageless Christmas warmt..
Stock: 46 Model: 9781848104389
Feed your imagination in only 5 minutes with this delightful collection of illustrated stories about good deeds...
Stock: 25 Model: 9780881062939
Blending poetry and humor, Alaskan author and adventurer Shelley Gill explores the 49th state's history, culture, wildlife, and geography. Explosive volcanoes, extreme climates, massive mountains, shimmering Northern Lights, and dog-mushing races are just some of the sights captured in crisp photogr..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781760360375
All shoes come in twos, but one red shoe becomes separated from its pair. This shoe dearly misses the other shoe and feels so lonely and afraid. When the red shoe meets a greedy, solitary mouse, who has grown used to living alone and has never experienced loneliness, the shoe has an idea Can this mo..
Stock: 17 Model: 9781492615644
My little pumpkin sitting on the gate. The butterfly said, "Oh, my it's getting late." The sunflower said, "Put your fingers in the air." The bumblebee said, "I can go anywhere!"This twist on a classic fall poem is perfect for any little pumpkin. Read the story and follow along with hand play as yo..
Stock: 4 Model: 9780823417926
Victoria wins a science contest that lands her a trip to Antarctica, but discovers the contest sponsor is involved in shady business...
Stock: 4 Model: 9781570618611
"Necessity is the mother of invention." "Practice what you preach." Join the wolf, polar bear, raven, and many more as they learn (and teach!) many of life's invaluable lessons in this arctic retelling of the classic Aesop's Fables. A ringed seal discovers that the truth can be a powerful friend; an..
Stock: 5 Model: 9780881064841
"Beautiful color illustrations accompany an entertaining and informative text that takes us on an amazing journey through the forest. From the tops of the tropical trees to the forest floor, readers can observe the inter-relationships of plants and animals which thrive at each level of the rain fore..
Stock: 9 Model: 9781452156095
Meet Baby Bunny! What is Baby Bunny's favorite treat? Where does Baby Bunny take a nap? Follow along as she experiences her world, from playtime to snack time. An adorable finger puppet, warm illustrations, and a comforting story about the rhythms of a baby bunny's day make this perfect for the very..
Stock: 22 Model: 9781452170770
Meet Baby Dragon! Where does Baby Dragon live? Is he finally ready to fly? Follow along as he experiences his world and discovers his special powers! An adorable finger puppet, warm illustrations, and a comforting story with a touch of magic make this perfect for the very youngest readers...
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