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IN STOCKAuthor Sai Yoganathan’s cookbook A Kitchen Well-Travelled is dedicated to her father who died of a brain tumour. 100% of the author’s royalties from the sales of the cookbook will go to the New Zealand Brain Tumour Trust. Sai was born in Jaffna, a peninsula in the northern province of Sri La..
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This book is for anyone who wants to be healthier and happier.Respected journalist Rachel Grunwell interviews 30 experts globally to get the best of tips on how to uplift your mind, body and soul so that you can live your best life. Along the way, Rachel also shares her story on how she went from be..
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How genetic engineering could irreversibly change our world.Decisions we make today on genetic engineering may well have irreversible repercussions for the future of all life on Earth. The effects of GE have the potential to be cumulatively catastrophic, and to affect all future generations.Once the..
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Each story in this book captures moments of pure desire in all their complexity and paradoxical simplicity. This is a PDF ebook so you can read comfortably and discreetly on any device. Second Edition 2018 STRICTLY R18 EXPLICIT CONTENT..
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Toby Morris's graphic novel is a charming fly-on-the-wall exploration of his first year of fatherhood celebrating the highs and lows of his new baby Max. Morris's quirky black and white illustrations invite the reader into his world of upset stomachs, family outings, fatigue, first times, bliss and ..
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Golden Month outlines a holistic approach towards postnatal care that amalgamates the best practices from different cultures throughout the world.An acupuncturist and teacher, Jenny Allison has spent a decade researching this book. Golden Month aims to debunk the anxiety-inducing myth of the perfect..
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One culture's soul food is another's exciting culinary adventure! From congee to kedgeree to rosti, pancakes to pasteis de nata, Little Tables brings together comfort food recipes inspired by 32 countries on six continents, all exquisitely illustrated by photographer Vanessa Lewis.&nb..
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"We can't change the past and we can't predict the future, so we must always live in the now and appreciate it for all its glory. The Now is really all that exists, Ayla. Some people spend their whole life waiting to start living. The time is now!"Jennifer McIntosh has woven valuable insights into t..
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Back by popular demand, the Ripe Deli team has put together a third helping of delicious recipes, following the success of their first two cookbooks.This all-new collection of recipes celebrates 15 years of business for Ripe Deli and includes all-time favourites as well as exciting new dishes.Arrang..
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From sticky spare ribs to saucy chocolate pud, Ripe Recipes has a dish to tickle anyone’s taste buds and bring a little of Ripe Deli into your home. The deli has established a solid reputation among food lovers for preparing the healthiest and most flavoursome dishes in town and their first coo..
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Freshness and vitality are at the heart of the second cookbook from Ripe Deli.There are more than 140 recipes that range from healthy to decadent sorted into occasions such as Mexican Day, Friday Pie Day and Christmas. These chapters, along with stunning photos of the food and community, invite the ..
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See Play Do is a children's activity annual which encourages open-ended creative play with 3- to 10-year-olds. It is a collaboration between creatives of all ages; from chefs to scientists to 5-year-olds, and is filled with fun ideas – make glitter playdough and dress a dinosaur in your own c..
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