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Who says you can'€™t have your cake and eat it too? The talented Jordan Rondel, aka The Caker, has crafted 76 delicious recipes that are as artful as they are irresistible. Influenced by her French roots, Jordan has had a love of baking from an early age, and has been known as The Caker since 2010. ..
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A unique compilation of superb recipes and practical advice designed for anyone who doesn't want to give up the pleasures of eating well while camping.Each recipe is specially adapted for camping and tramping. The recipes are presented in easy-to-follow steps which will appeal to both beginners and ..
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Real. Good. Food. With a Greek, Italian and English background, Angelo Georgalli invites confidence in his ability to mix different culinary styles while his enthusiasm for fresh New Zealand produce and game is infectious.The Game Chef features recipes for fish, pork, venison, lamb and rabbit, as we..
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Whether you'€™re getting ready to join the raw food movement or a seasoned raw foodist, let The Raw Kitchen take you on a delicious journey to wellness and joy. Known for her incredible raw cakes, author Olivia Scott of the Raw Kitchen cafe brings you over 100 amazing gluten-free, dairy-free, refine..
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The Spell of Morpheus - a story of women and drugs in one New Zealand town - was adapted by author Julia Sutherland from her psychology thesis while she was a PhD student at Otago University.She describes the novel as "a journey in and out of a fairytale"€, and she based the book around the ex..
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The unbakeries are a set of award winning cafes run by little bird organics. They specialise in taking top quality fresh, organic, local produce and crafting it into some of the best tasting food you will ever eat. This unique cookbook is a celebration of creating food for wellbeing and pure pleasur..
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Women in Aoteroa New Zealand make comics. They make slick professional comics and homemade crafty ones. Some are conventionally attractive and some are beautifully ugly. Some have logical linear narratives and some are cerebral visual leaping swirls. There are big proud comics and small humble ones,..
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When Kim and Jeanette Goldwater planted their first tiny vineyard on a couple of hillside acres on the magical island of Waiheke, just 15 miles east of Auckland City, all the leading experts warned them that grapes would not grow in that inclement salt-laden environment.The Goldwaters, both 4th gene..
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Matakite-o-Maui is in fact a very ancient system of divination for prophesy used by the Maori seers and prophets. It is created around Maui-tikitiki-a-Te Ranga, otherwise known as Maui, a demi-god, a hero by his many feats, and also an ancient ancestor to Maori.Accounts of Maui'€™s life are portraye..
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Stepping out of high school can be daunting when there is no clear path set ahead. Who You Are Is What You Do provides inspiration and guidance to finding the passion that will build towards a successful career.Author Heather McAllister has written this book with an interactive style to help teenage..
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From plant-based bowls for one to warm, wholesome family meals to share, and plenty of delectable raw treats too - WHOLE Again is for those in search of new inspiration to continue on their wholefoods journey. It's all about embracing cooking with ingredients from the modern pantry. The following co..
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Featuring recipes from premier wholefood bloggers and entrepreneurs, WHOLE is a book born from the demands for better food. Compiled by Bronwyn Kan, WHOLE explores the personal relationship between each contributor and the food they make. Drawing from their collective experience, the healthy wholefo..
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