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Discovering engineering that changed the world

Discovering engineering that changed the world
Discovering engineering that changed the world
Extraordinary engineering; extraordinary places: this book takes you on a fascinating journey to visit marvellous engineering and technological achievements around the world. * From deep underground in an Arizona missile silo, to being in the pilot"s seat of one of the biggest hovercraft that has ever flown. * See the world"s fastest helicopter, aircraft and steam train. * Deep inside the mighty Hoover Dam - one of the most incredible structures ever built - to walking the ground where the Wright Brothers first flew. * From marvelling at the jet road cars built by Rover and Chrysler, to seeing Land Speed Record cars like Bluebird and Thrust SSC. * Fascinating sights - the suspension bridge that carried all the materials for the first atomic bomb. * The world"s first turbo production car engine. * The luxury lounge of the Hindenburg airship. * The first streamlined, stainless-steel diesel train. Passionate and insightful, this is an incredible adventure through the best things the world has to offer for anyone who likes speed, technology and excitement. This book is the result of Julian Edgar"s own journey around the world, seeking out the most exciting engineering and technological sights. It is packed with original photos, well-researched text and technical information, and serves as both a travel guide for the engineering enthusiast and a celebration of the engineering feats that have influenced modern life.
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Author Julian Edgar
Book Type Paperback / softback
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