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Take an original look at how bodies work - both human and animalDid you know that we have the same number of bones in our neck as a giraffe? That dogs can smell 25 times better than us and that sheep need about half as much sleep as we do? In Animals and Me, discover fascinating similarities and sur..
Stock: 13 Model: 9781405316835
Simple steps to gardening success, from the experts at the RHS Follow RHS show-how and know-how for a garden that looks great all year round (whatever size it is). Inspirational tips and techniques on choosing the right plants, creating grass and bamboo features from meadows to an oriental style, w..
Stock: 52 Model: 9781405341288
Dive in and meet some of the scariest and deadliest sharks beneath the waves! From giant basking sharks to fearsome great whites, let your child discover all about sharks, the most amazing creatures that live in the sea.Fantastic facts and dramatic photographs bring your child face-to-fin with shark..
Stock: 18 Model: 9781405315531
From Brothers Grimm to Hans Christian Andersen, this beautifully illustrated anthology contains a range of the classic fairy tale stories any child would love to grow up reading. As well as favourites such as Cinderella, The Snow Queen and Jack and the Beanstalk, DK's A First Book of Fairy Tales als..
Stock: 88 Model: 9781409376453
This title presents tricky trivia to challenge you and your friends. Humans may be at the top of the food chain, but are you top of the class when it comes to the animal kingdom? "Is a Camel a Mammal?" will take your brain on safari with our wild selection of quizzes, graded by difficulty for easy r..
Stock: 42 Model: 9781409345145
Everything you need to know about the new LEGO (R) MovieLEGO (R) Movie The Essential Guide features character profiles and location spreads from the upcoming movie, scheduled for release in February 2014. Plus, there are behind the scenes features about how the movie was made.LEGO (R) Movie The Esse..
Stock: 1 Model: 9781409387152
Meet all your favourite characters from LEGO (R) Star Wars Episode I.Designed to engage even the most reluctant reader, your child will love learning all about the LEGO Star Wars characters from Episode I The Phantom Menace. Watch while your child discovers the Star Wars stories and meets Obi-Wan an..
Stock: 37 Model: 9781405303262
Get your blood pumpin' with the revolutionary PHA - Peripheral Heart Action - workout from the UK's No. 1 fitness author. Whether you want to lose fat, build up your strength endurance or bulk up, the flexible home and gym workouts will help you achieve your fitness goal in half the time. Raising yo..
Stock: 61 Model: 9781405340830
Fantastic experiments, thrilling things to make and do, reusable stickers and a cool quiz from Richard Hammond's TV series Blast LabLet your child go inside Blast Lab Gutbusters and they'll take a trip inside their insides!Cool experiments show how a splash of vinegar makes a bone turn rubbery, how ..
Stock: 75 Model: 9781405340816
This title features fantastic activities from Richard Hammond's new TV series "Blast Lab". If your child loves the fun filled science of "Blast Lab", then get them active at home with this exciting activity book packed with things to do and challenges from the series...
Stock: 40 Model: 9781409356523
An action-packed sticker book guide to the universe of Star Wars RebelsStar Wars Rebels (TM): Rebels Versus Empire Ultimate Sticker Book is a companion sticker book to the new adventure from the Star Wars franchise, the animated television series Star Wars Rebels (TM). Set between the events of Star..
Stock: 38 Model: 9780241281086
This 72-page sticker book includes more than 1,000 stickers of main characters, locations, vehicles and props. Featuring all-new content from the highly anticipated film, Star Wars- The Last Jedi.! & TM 2017 LUCASFILM LTD...
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