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Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning

Brand: Storey Publishing LLC Model: 9781612127019
In an at-a-glance, photo-driven format, 100 Plants to Feed the Bees presents 100 nectar- and pollen-rich plants that home gardeners can cultivate to create a more bee-friendly world. The international bee crisis is threatening our global food supply, but this user-friendly field guide shows what yo..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523507979
A breathtaking visual tour of the ocean's great biodiversity. An astounding frontier of innumerable depths, the ocean beckons with mystery, drama, and indescribable beauty. Capturing its spectacular variety, the debut Ocean Page-A-Week Gallery Calendar is a year of 52 richly detailed photographic po..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781784041861
Use the integrated 3-D glasses to bring both natural and manmade wonders of the world to life. Complemented by informative text, this book gives depth and insight into wonders including the Taj Mahal, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef...
Brand: Timber Press Model: 9781604697629
Filled with fun facts, fascinating histories, and aerial photography, this up-in-the-sky exploration of North America's most spectacular geological formations will delight armchair geologists and window-seat travellers. Sit back and enjoy a new view. Filled with fun facts, fascinating histories, a..
Brand: Charlesbridge Publishing,U.S. Model: 9780881064865
"Down in the tropical blue sea lives a spectacular coral reef that is home to myriad fish and other creatures. Travel on a breathtaking journey over a reef crest, to a lagoon that sparkles at night, and on through mangrove roots with a baby coral searching for a home. Flashlight fish, feather duster..
Brand: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd Model: 9781869664015
Diver, undersea explorer and passionate conservationist Wade Doak has lived near the Tutukaka coast with wife Jan since 1968. Well known for his pioneering dives at the Poor Knights Islands off the coast of Whangarei, Wade has gradually shifted his focus over the years from the sea to the land. He a..
Brand: Heinemann Educational Books Model: 9781432995393
Read Caves to learn all about these exciting, beautiful, and unique landforms. Discover the different cave types, how caves are formed, and what living things can be found in and around caves...
Brand: The Experiment LLC Model: 9781615192434
Mary Ellen Hannibal knew she was joining a flourishing community of volunteers who help conserve nature, but she was surprised to learn how this new and tech-enabled movement continues a rich tradition of amateur observation established by writers and naturalists over centuries. And she knew, in the..
Brand: Edify Limited Model: 9780947496531
Coastal Processes provides an essential resource for teachers and students using beaches and coasts as their natural environment in fulfilling the requirements of the Level 3 NCEA Achievement Standard Demonstrate understanding of how interacting natural processes shape a New Zealand geographic envir..
Brand: Charlesbridge Publishing,U.S. Model: 9781936140169
""Climate change? Global warming?"... We've probably all heard these words over and over again, from media reporters, from elected officials, and even from friends and co-workers. Scientists argue about what they mean for our future. What is the truth? How can we decipher exactly what really are th..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9780947493042
This report brings together the views of key decision-makers and cutting-edge research, exploring the pressing issues of compact vs dispersed urban development, infrastructure renewal, resilient transport patterns and healthy, affordable housing. The authors draw upon interviews with over 90 stakeho..
Brand: New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd Model: 9781869664862
Thousands of Earthquakes occur in New Zealand every year, some so small we don't feel them. Others such as the recent quakes in Christchurch and Kaikoura cause significant damage. This book explains what causes earthquakes and why New Zealand has so many, what types of quake occur and the most frequ..
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