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Author of the million-copy bestseller, 1001 WAYS TO REWARD EMPLOYEES, Bob Nelson is the motivational specialist who helps businesses stay competitive by teaching them how to inspire their employees to excel. Now joined by Dr Dean Spitzer, senior consultant and performance expert for IBM, Nelson dist..
Model: 9780761101604
Take the brakes off your business. In the perfect follow-up to 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, the innovative book that has sold over one million copies, Bob Nelson reveals what real companies across America are doing to get the very best out of their employees-and why it's the key to their success. ..
Model: 9780761136811
Why is "1001 Ways To Reward Employees", with over 1.4 million copies in print, such an extraordinary bestseller? Because a little over ten years ago Bob Nelson took the seeds of an idea and turned it into something indispensable for business. The idea? That it's not a raise that motivates an employe..
Model: 9780761116974
Written by Barry Farber, one of the country's "best known, most respected and incredibly successful sales gurus" (Entrepreneur magazine), 12 CLICHES OF SELLING (AND WHY THEY WORK) is steeped in the language and knowledge of what it takes to sell. It uses one cliche per chapter as a starting point - ..
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This edition combines the best of the 1994 and 2005 editions, with new examples of employee rewards throughout, but most importantly has all new sections for dealing with emerging workforce trends - the rising presence of contingent workers (freelancers and perma-lancers), the Millennia generation (..
Model: 9780719818950
This focused, practical guide to key management principles will help managers at all levels to function successfully. Based on the idea that managing is more about common sense and the ability to treat employees with humanity rather than the need to have specialist knowledge and expertise, this book..
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Sun Tzu's 2,500-year-oldThe Art of War is a classic among classics: The original take on game-theory, Machiavellian centuries before Machiavelli, it is a timeless manifesto of effective strategy. Tens of thousands of copies of dozens of editions are sold each year; it's mandatory reading in colleges..
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In this groundbreaking book, Joseph Rodarick Law teaches the principles of happiness from a holistic perspective, one that includes fulfilling relationships, a rewarding career, spiritual growth and finding one's purpose in life. Written in a question-and-answer dialogue through a series of rare and..
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David McPhail takes readers back in time to when Pig Pig, star of the popular picture-book series, was a baby. Baby Pig Pig tries to copy his mother's speech as she points out the animals and objects around them, but nothing he says seems to come out right. What will Baby Pig Pig's first real word b..
Model: 9780761145240
"Bag the Elephant" is all about how smart businesspeople can woo and keep those all-important elephants - the big, make-or-break customers. Like its companion, the "New York Times" bestseller "Be the Elephant", it is filled with dynamic advice and real-life examples, delivered in an energetic, strai..
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At a time when consumers are looking for more and more connection with the foods they eat, Michael Barker proudly shares the Barker's of Geraldine journey, the people, the innovations and the philosophies that still guide them. This is a story of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, fun, dedication ..
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