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Model: 9781515840619
Whether diving from a very tall platform or crossing the finish line after a really grueling bike race, the adverbs have the perfect word: finally! Honestly, isn't it time for a quirky parts-of-speech adventure that subtly teaches grammar basics while readers are busy cheering loudly and giggling of..
Model: 9781432952204
This book offers complete coverage of this fascinating country including sections on history geography wildlife infrastructure and government and culture. It also includes a detailed fact file maps and charts and a traceable flag...
Model: 9781543528008
Come along and investigate the continent of Africa. What are its biggest cities? Where is its tallest mountain? What languages do people speak there? Bring augmented reality to your students by downloading the free Capstone 4D app and scanning for access to awesome videos!..
Model: 9781432967857
African Culture covers a vast array of subjects on African culture -- from fine arts to ceremonies, from legends to the culture's global influence...
Model: 9781432959197
This book explores the concept of air, and why living things - i.e., animals, humans and plants - need it...
Model: 9781977101198
With flight decks and full facilities, aircraft carriers are hard-working warships ready to support any battle. Take to the sea to learn all about the military's decked-out floating airbases. Little Pebble books have an ATOS level of 1.0 or below. Bring augmented reality to your students by download..
Model: 9781491402092
A fight to the last man. A cry of, Remember the Alamo! This national symbol of sacrifice and freedom is what most readers know about the Battle of the Alamo. Engaging photos, historic illustrations, and explorative infographics help kids learn even more about the legend surrounding this monumental b..
Model: 9780881064186
"Join Albertina, Senora Ciguena, and a wild assortment of funny animals on a journey through the Spanish alphabet. Each page is dedicated to a single letter and an English translation is presented alongside the Spanish text."..
Stock: 4 Model: 9781496665782
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, often known as AOC, wrote her name in the history books in 2018 when she became the youngest woman ever elected to the U.S. Congress. Her fearless, meteoric rise from paycheck-to-paycheck to the House of Representatives and her tireless advocacy for a world inclusive of all..
Model: 9780756555313
Its one of the most famous sports images of all time. Former heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston is sprawled on his back in the boxing rim. Muhammad Ali stands over Liston holding his right hand as if ready to throw another punch. The reigning world champion had just thrown a short right-handed..
Model: 9781515797616
What plants and animals can survive with very little water? Find out what lives in desert habitats...
Model: 9781484626931
This series introduces simple science topics using everyday objects and situations that readers can recognize in the world around them. This title looks at forces: what they are, what effects they have, how friction affects them and what effects different surfaces have...
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