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Model: 9781404873636
In this easy-to-read retelling of the classic Aesop's fable, the ant works hard all summer to get ready for winter. The grasshopper doesn't work at all. He plays, sings, and relaxes. When the winter comes, the ant is totally prepared. Will the grasshopper learn his lesson?..
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Antarctica is a fascinating place - it has no native inhabitants, and it's very remote and difficult to get to, which means everyone who goes there - today or in the past - has a special reason for wanting to go. It's a place that children can only imagine. This book is about the journeys - histori..
Model: 9781543528015
Come along and investigate the continent of Antarctica. What are its landforms? What animals live there? What do scientists study there? Bring augmented reality to your students by downloading the free Capstone 4D app and scanning for access to awesome videos!..
Model: 9781515828723
Why wasn't the grasshopper preparing for winter like the industrious ants were? The grasshopper himself treats readers to HIS side of this classic Aesop's fable in a first-person narrative that celebrates friendship and music, and subtly teaches the concept of perspective. Includes a condensed versi..
Model: 9781543559149
Love and beauty reign supreme in empowering, high-interest narrative text telling the story of Greek mythology's Aphrodite. Core legends show Aphrodite's matchmaking as well as her own lovers among gods and mortals. Fascinating myths also uncover Aphrodite's past, detailing her creation and how she ..
Model: 9781432941505
Before you go apple picking, read this book to find out how apples are created. From seed to seedling, tree to blossom, flower to fruit, the life cycle of an apple is beautiful to see. This title shows the reader how an apple begins life, grows, and reproduces...
Model: 9781848862265
Ages 6 to 9 yearsEdgar keeps waking his little sister up, but how does an elephant go about being as quiet as a mouse?Edgar the elephant has a new baby sister, but he is far too noisy and keeps waking her up! He turns to his mouse friend, Ruby, for advice. Together they ask Mr Chedder, the teacher a..
Model: 9781543528022
Come along and investigate the continent of Asia. What are its biggest cities? Where is its tallest mountain? What natural resources are found there? Bring augmented reality to your students by downloading the free Capstone 4D app and scanning for access to awesome videos!..
Model: 9781515709794
What is it? How does it work? Curiosity helps us learn more about the world around us. Simple, yet engaging text and colorful images introduce readers to the importance of asking questions, making observations, and finding solutions...
Model: 9780756546984
The world was shocked and frightened when President John F. Kennedy was gunned down by an assassin's bullet in 1963. What would happen to the government of the most powerful nation on Earth? When Kennedy's vice president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, took the presidential oath of office on Air Force One j..
Model: 9781515736745
Want to go to space? Before launch, you've got some work to do! Find out what scuba diving, medical skills, and survival training all have to do with being an astronaut. Then it's 3-2-1 lift off!..
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