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Which materials bend? What can we make with those materials? Real world examples and practical projects help young readers discover material properties...
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Ages 6 to 9 yearsHave you ever wondered where bubbles go when they float away?Bobby blows bubbles on Earth and wonders where they go when they float away. 667 million miles away, Bibble watches the bubbles float by and wonders where they come from...Bibble crafts a bubble spaceship and follows the b..
Model: 9781476551920
Watching a bicycle race is exciting but have you ever wondered about the science behind the speed From before riders reach the track until they blaze across the finish line science plays a key role. Find out about the concepts behind bicycle and track design aerodynamic clothing and gear and much mo..
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More than 130 people a day in the U.S. die from opioid overdoses. Addiction to legal and illegal opioids has been declared a national crisis. The U.S. spends about $78.5 billion a year on treatment, criminal prosecution, and health care related to the crisis. What caused this massive problem? Can th..
Model: 9781515762126
Celebrate all that is BIG! From big bugs to big trucks, big things come in all forms. The large format, striking photos, and simple text are sure to engage the reader...
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In the Civil War, battles raged in more than 20 states. The war between North and South remains the bloodiest in U.S. history. The casualties of the Battle of Gettysburg numbered more than 50,000 alone, and the day the Battle of Antietam was fought September 17, 1862 is recorded as the deadliest sin..
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Carefully leveled text coupled with primary-source images will encourage young readers to take a closer look at the U.S. Constitution's first ten Amendments, known as the Bill of Rights. Citizens of the newly independent United States proposed several freedoms, including speech, assembly, and worshi..
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Bingo peered into the darkness and gasped. Four small furry creatures were staring back at her...
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In May 1963 news photographer Charles Moore was on hand to document the Children's Crusade, a civil rights protest. But the photographs he took that day did more than document an event; they helped change history. His photograph of a trio of African-American teenagers being slammed against a buildin..
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