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Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781785996313
Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.Arguably the twentieth century's most famous novel, 1984 is a dystopian study of political tyranny, mind control, paranoia and secret mass surveillance. Following Winston Smith, a diligent desk clerk at the Minist..
Brand: New Holland Publishers Model: 9781876334154
A.W. Reed. Why are there black swans only in Australia? How did snakes become poisonous? Learn about the powerful Rainbow Snake, red and black flying foxes, the Eagle-hawk and the Medicine Man in these incredible tales of the Dreamtime. A unique collection of stories for those interested in learning..
Brand: Campfire Model: 9789380741215
One of the most courageous and esteemed presidents of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln is known mainly for abolishing slavery and his leadership during the Civil War. Though he had only a year of formal education, he could read any book he got his hands on. Lincoln was admitted to the I..
Brand: Quercus Publishing Model: 9780857050472
When Maria, the fourth child of a widow, is adopted by the old and childless Bonaria Urrai, her life is instantly transformed - she finally has the love and affection she craves. But her new 'soul mother' is keeping something hidden from her, a secret life that is intimately bound-up with Sardinia's..
Brand: Steele Roberts Aotearoa Ltd Model: 9780947493820
Here are the stories of eight women - doctors, nurses, cooks and cleaners at the heart of a hospital that connects them all in a city that could be anywhere. Inspired by Mira Harrison's experiences in healthcare in the UK and NZ, these engrossing narratives unveil the shifting balance between profes..
Brand: Campfire Model: 9789380028354
Running away seemed like a good idea at the time... The Widow Douglas is doing her best to civilise Huckleberry Finn, but it just isn't working. Wearing clean clothes, going to school, and having a hot meal waiting for him when he gets home are becoming boring and tedious. So, to make his life m..
Brand: Arcturus Publishing Ltd Model: 9781848376137
Amid the foggy streets of sinister London, Holmes and Watson once more solve the unsolvable. In 'Speckled Band', 'The Engineer's Thumb' and ten other stories, Holmes grapples with the very extremes of treachery, duplicity and murderous end...
Brand: Campfire Model: 9789380028347
Tom Sawyer is a mischievous young boy who lives with his Aunt Polly in the town of St Petersburg, Missouri. He plays hooky from school; hangs around with Huck Finn, the unsophisticated son of the village drunkard; and deceives his friends into trading their treasures with him. Tom falls in love with..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781496500229
By witnessing a murder, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn find themselves in a series of adventures that lead them to some frightening situations. Written in graphic-novel format. These reader-favorite tiles are now updated for enhanced Common Core State Standards support, including discussion and wri..
Brand: HarperCollins Publishers Model: 9781847563262
LOVE. GLAMOUR. SECRETS.A stunning historical love story from the bestselling author of The Secret Wife. Rome, 1961. As the cameras roll on Cleopatra, the world is transfixed by the love affair emerging between Hollywood's biggest stars: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.But on the film set, tensi..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781905460571
In the world of Aldebaran, readers live through the most fantastic sagas. Author Leo recounts humanity's first attempts to colonise distant planets. Kim and his companions will come across strange creatures and face the dangers of unknown worlds on their travels. They will witness the destruction ca..
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