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Tropic of Skorpeo by Michael Morrissey

Tropic of Skorpeo by Michael Morrissey
Tropic of Skorpeo by Michael Morrissey
Princess Juraletta has spent her entire life in Venera Castle but is about to be married to the crusty old Fissionable Duke.

Will her life ever be interesting? And, given his medical condition, will her husband survive their wedding night? Meanwhile, Rhameo is having more adventures than one young prince can handle. Whoring in the Gardens of Fleschimor, hunting tigers in the jungles of ancient Erath, being kidnapped by Amazons and sauced up for the evening meal. But his ambitious mother is arranging his marriage in the hopes of stabilising a galaxy riven by war. This does not bode well. Thankfully, the machinations of Lord Maledor, invading armies of Punkoids, Slutoids, and Sleazoids, space sirens, the amorous Octopus, and the mysterious Dark Magician should help bring the already simmering plot to the boil.

"Tropic of Skorpeo is vivid and fast-paced ... Skorpeo reminds me of Jasper Fforde's books, and also of Lewis Carroll and Thomas Pynchon as if seen on a Hunter S Thompson acid trip. Hilarious, often very sexual, occasionally puerile, undoubtedly clever." - New Zealand Listener

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