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What happens when we die?This has been the third question on mankind's FAQ list since the dawn of time (numbers one and two being: Is this edible? and Excuse me, would you care to breed?). I know what happens. Believe me, I'd rather not. But I do. There is a lighthouse, and it guides our souls along..
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The Seed is the first and only English edition of Florence Kiss'€™s prize-winning French novel 'Seuls€™'.When the lights go out and the world ceases to exist after thermonuclear war - when all order breaks down and the last remnants of the human race mutate into unrecognisable creatures, half-man, h..
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Much more than a bookTo engage with this work is more than reading, it is living inside Richard's mind and trying to unravel the past. It questions what 'self' means with poetic magical realism and narrative. Selves within selves, a book within a book, hidden meanings and metaphors. Was Richard a mi..
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The Spell of Morpheus - a story of women and drugs in one New Zealand town - was adapted by author Julia Sutherland from her psychology thesis while she was a PhD student at Otago University.She describes the novel as "a journey in and out of a fairytale"€, and she based the book around the ex..
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Book 1 of The Threshold TrilogyIn three volumes Doina Roman has done something that only a writer of undeniable talent can: create a fantastic universe, with its own logic, justification and coherence, populated with strange people and beings, who nevertheless behave, act and carry out dialogues in ..
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Thistle is having a terrible week.Her mother has been incarcerated after throwing a pickled pumpkin through a window of the War Office, and now Thistle has been sent to stay with her aunt in Lily Gate. Mappo,Thistle's familiar seems distinctly unimpressed, and even making friends with a gargoyle cal..
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This is the exciting new ebook available exclusively from Five Dogs Books based on the film Into the Rainbow (奇迹:追逐彩虹; The Wonder: Chasing Rainbows) to be released in China in April 2019. To celebrate the film's release in China we are offering you this special price!Unlock its Secret. Save the Worl..
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Women in Aoteroa New Zealand make comics. They make slick professional comics and homemade crafty ones. Some are conventionally attractive and some are beautifully ugly. Some have logical linear narratives and some are cerebral visual leaping swirls. There are big proud comics and small humble ones,..
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A sequel to Crystal Mission, Trail of the Hawk is a fascinating 8,000-mile trip undertaken by four New Zealanders and a Choctaw Indian guide around the American Indian nations.On a deeper level it is an exploration into the history of Aotearoa, and a sacred journey of initiation into the shamanic re..
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Princess Juraletta has spent her entire life in Venera Castle but is about to be married to the crusty old Fissionable Duke.Will her life ever be interesting? And, given his medical condition, will her husband survive their wedding night? Meanwhile, Rhameo is having more adventures than one young pr..
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An acclaimed masterpiece of suspense, this psychological thriller is a mesmerising journey into the mind of a brilliant but disturbingly deceitful woman who uses an encrypted blog to communicate with her ex-lover, Callum.Hauntingly poetic, the ingenious plot leaves you guessing till the end. Through..
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Тимос — молодой фермер, проживающий в удаленной части Королевства. Он и его семья знать не знают о внешнем мире и постоянных войнах между Городами-Замками. До той поры, увы, пока на их деревню и соседние поселения не нападают вооруженные до зубов солдаты. В последовавшей резне Тимос лишается родных ..
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