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هتلئاعو وه فرعي ال .ةكلمملا نم لوزعم ءزج يف باش عرازم سوميت ربتعي كلذ يتح.ةعلقلا لود تاعطاقمل ةرمتسملا بورحلا وأ عسوألا ملاعلا نع ائًيش دونج لبق نم ةيشحو تامجهل ةرواجملا قطانملا نم اهريغو هتيرق ضرعتت.اديج نيحلسم ءاقب مدع عمو هتلئاع سوميت دقف ، كلذ تلت يتلا ىضوفلا لظ يف هقيقش ىلع روثعلل ةيبيلص ةلمح ي..
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The simplified Chinese language version of The Wonder: Into the Rainbow by Robert Sidaway and Ashley SidawayThis is the exciting new ebook available exclusively from Five Dogs Books based on the film Into the Rainbow (奇迹:追逐彩虹; The Wonder: Chasing Rainbows) to be released in China in April 2019. To c..
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Book One of The Dragon Defenders Series.The wild and wonderful island home of Flynn and Paddy holds an incredible secret - dragons live there!But when evil boss The Pitbull finds out, he sends his men to kill one, and to bring back a dragon's egg, so that he can hatch it in his private zoo.Flyn..
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Book Two of The Dragon Defenders SeriesMonths have passed since evil boss The Pitbull stole a dragon's egg from Paddy and Flynn's paradise island. By now, it should have hatched. But when he discovers that's nothing more than an egg-shaped rock, The Pitbull flies into a terrible rage and plots reven..
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Book Three of The Dragon Defenders SeriesThe Pitbull's plans to capture the dragons from Flynn and Paddy's paradise island have been spoiled twice already, so he's hell-bent on revenge. But first he must find a way to lure the brothers to the city. Meanwhile to punish his niece Briar for her betraya..
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