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2037NZ by Carl Hoffman

2037NZ by Carl Hoffman
2037NZ by Carl Hoffman
Natural catastrophes and imminent civil war early in the 21st Century destroyed New Zealand to the point where its only hope of survival lay in annexation by the USA.

A billionaire saved her country by donating all her wealth to the nation, by founding a political party and by introducing drastic, innovative changes which included dispossession of all landowners, a generous immigration policy, a basic income for all, making all work voluntary, a fair justice system and freedom of choice in education.

Her ideas worked and within a few years New Zealand became prosperous, with no ethnic or racial problems.
Radio Vienna sent one of its reporters, Nora Zandler to investigate the New Zealand experience and discover any cracks in paradise.
"Funny, totally serious, philosophy too good to be true, drawing on thoughts from Genesis, Marx, Maori beliefs and Steiner, this 90-pager romps through a fantasy. For all its quirkiness this is a genuinely serious, thought-provoking gem. Are things too good ñ is Nirvana possible?"
-Hawkes Bay Today

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