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Crystal Mission by Cornelius van Dorp

Crystal Mission by Cornelius van Dorp
Crystal Mission by Cornelius van Dorp
Crystal Mission begins with the Greenpeace Antarctic expedition and leads a New Zealand doctor into fantastic territory: the discovery of a planetary electro-magnetic grid, and its connection with ancient foundation points like the Great Pyramid of Giza, a crystal mountain in Arizona, and secret sites in Tibet and New Zealand.

Assisted by Hopi Indian, Mayan, Australian Aboriginal and New Zealand Maori wisdom-keepers, Crystal Mission becomes an exploration into the history of Planet Earth. Ancient healing methods involving crystals and electro-magnetism are rediscovered and put to use, both on a human and a global scale.

Crystal Mission is the story of one New Zealand explorer who voyages into the American New Age consciousness and lived to tell the tale: Cornelius van Dorp, intrigued by the 'magical' power of crystals, has written what must be one of the most interesting inside accounts of lunacy, solipsism and yes, 'far out' work being done in the New Age south-western community.

We meet an ex-IBM scientist working on medical applications of crystal technology, ex-US naval intelligence operatives sounding the alarm over UFOs, a man who may or may not be a CIA agent with a crystal purportedly snatched from an underwater pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle, and a crew of people whose group therapy consists of channeling ancient Egyptian deities.

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