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Paul Cezanne was one of the greatest of the French impressionist painters. This delightful book follows his son, also called Paul, as he travels to the mountains to spend a summer with his father. He discovers that his father, a very large man, paints the natural world with a passion that few can un..
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"The Arnolfini Marriage", an Egyptian mummy, a gilded clock, a Japanese puppet, Van Gogh's "Irises", a Tibetan conch trumpet, an Eskimo mask, and a meso-American calendar. These are just a few of the treasures from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australasia featured in this book, an eye-open..
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Juliet Heslewood, art historian and author of Mother: Portraits by 40 Great Artists, brings together a collection of portraits of artists' lovers, through history to the present day. The evolution of such a portrait begins with a unique and intimate relationship. These lovers were important to the..
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Paul Klee defined himself as a painter poet , and his art perfectly reflects that phrase. He was interested in colour, and formed friendships with other artists also exploring colour, such as Kandinsky, Picasso and Braque. His experimentation with backgrounds, shapes, colour, sign and pictograms, as..
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The pioneering Wright brothers dared to dream of being the first men in the world to fly but would they ever see their dreams take flight? The golden age of aviation is brought vividly to life in this story of determination, ingenuity and courage from Adam Hancher...
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Richard Sale is one of the world's leading Arctic scholars and explorers and a professional glaciologist. He has written widely on Polar history, exploration and wildlife (including Arctic Odyssey), and in 2003 won the Outdoor Book of the Year award for To the Ends of the Earth. This book is the ..
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Georgia O'Keefe saw the world differently from most people. As a child she roamed the prairie with a sketch pad in hand, struggling to capture on paper what she saw all around her. At art school she learned to speak in paint on canvas. Living in New York, Georgia felt confined by city life. She long..
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