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A full and wholly fair representation of the most adventurous life in the history of British politics..there is not a word I would have changed in the text of this excellent graphical account' - Andrew Roberts Sir Winston Churchill is considered one of the most important figures of the 20th Century...
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COMMANDO: Memoirs of Fighting Commando in World War Two..
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Prior to World War Two, Wing Commander Guy Gibson joined the Royal Air Force. In 1944, he wrote down his experience of serving in the RAF. Aged just 25, Gibson had completed two full tours, each of 30 operations, with Bomber Command, and had led the now-famous Dam Busters raid against the dams of th..
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This book speaks to two of the most diametrically opposed yet mutually supportive aspects of war: the ability to inflict horrific injury and the ability to heal... Mayhew is to be commended on an outstanding addition to expanding our knowledge of an area rarely discussed by historians. Her book shou..
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I SOMEHOW SURVIVED: Eyewitness Accounts from World War II..
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The Battle of Grunwald was one of the largest battles in Medieval Europe and was the most important in the histories of Poland and Lithuania. It was fought on 15 July 1410 during the Polish-Lithuania-Teutonic War between the alliance of the Kingdom of Poland (led by King Jagiello) and the Grand Duc..
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The sinking of the Lusitania is an event that has been predominantly discussed from a political or maritime perspective. For the first time, The Lusitania Sinking tells the story in the emotive framework of a family looking for information on their son's death. On 1 May 1915, the 29-year-old studen..
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The Special Boat Service was a small force during World War II, never more than about 300 men. But that did not stop it from inflicting great damage on the enemy. In the Mediterranean arena and in the Aegean, which the Germans controlled after the fall of Greece and Crete, this small commando force ..
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Between dusk and dawn on the night of March 24th-25th 1944, a small army of Allied soldiers crawled through tunnels in Germany in a covert operation the likes of which the Third Reich had never seen before. The prison break from Stalag Luft III in eastern Germany was the largest of its kind in Worl..
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'Imagine what is was like, after being subjected to the relentless roaring of dozens of aeroplane engines, and constant explosions, to be suddenly surrounded by a deathly silence! We were cut off from the outside world. Were we staring an agonising death in the face?' No previous work about Staling..
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