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"I" Diet

"I" Diet
Humans are hardwired with five basic food instincts: hunger (we need to feel full and satisfied); variety (we are driven to seek a varied diet); calorie density (we are drawn to foods high in calories); and, familiarity and availability (if food is around, we eat it). By taking advantage of our biological hardwiring - by feeding rather than depriving our five food instincts - we can reach and maintain a desired body weight. Full of tips and strategies (next time you want a high-calorie food like a Big Mac with cheese, a small portion between two low-calorie items, such as salad and fruit), success stories, day-by-day menus, and easy-to-follow recipes, "The I Diet" can help anyone break the vicious cycle of eating more food and enjoying it less. As David A. Kessler, M.D., former FDA commissioner and author of the bestselling "The End of Overeating", says, 'We know we eat too much. We want to stop, but we can't - it's simply too hard to resist all the high-calorie food out there. That is the problem. With "The I Diet", we have a way to actually regain control of our appetites'.
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