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Featured in this massive 600-page collection of Residential are houses as diverse in range and style as the countries in which they are located. From country estates to beachfront holiday retreats,lakeside houses to hip urban dwellings, the one thing all these houses share is quality design. Accompa..
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Features more than 100 exciting bars, restaurants and nightspots Bars come in all shapes and sizes, offering everything from quiet and relaxed to loud and energetic. A bar might simply be a place to have a drink with a friend, or a venue where you can dance to music mixed by your favourite DJ, or ..
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An informative step-by-step guide to a series of landscape architecture projects, from the first sketched ideas through to the final transformation, and covering everything inbetween. This beautifully illustrated book takes the reader on a journey through a number of outstanding gardens that have ..
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Adventurous Wine Architecture will enlighten and inspire the most dedicated oenophile and the casual wine lover, and will transport you to some of the most idyllic places on earth. Some of the world's best architects are reshaping the winery as a bold expression of innovation and tradition, agricu..
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Landscape painter Ammar Khammash has a deep knowledge of the landscape of his home country, Jordan. A practising architect, and closely involved with a wide range of design and research projects, Khammash has also studied archaeology and anthroplolgy, giving him an even closer connection to this nat..
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Another 100 of the World's Best Houses will take the world by storm - just like the first book in this now-famous Images series (100 of the World's Best Houses). From New York to Milan, from London to Helsinki, from Sydney to Tokyo, the world's imagination was driven to excess by the thought of livi..
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Architectural Apparitions is a photography project about buildings that that have vanished from our cities. Apparitions' is a photography project about buildings that that have vanished from our cities. Ghosted pictures of these structures are combined with current photos of their former locations..
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A collection of cutting edge, environmental design projects from the leading Russian architectural firm, Architecton. "Architecton: Architecture as an Ecology of Culture" is an inspiring collection of work from this firm, founded in 2001 by Dr. Alexander Zusik, now one of Moscow's leading design fi..
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Focuses on innovative design for small offices. The significant and rapid trend toward small office design globally is testament to increasing economic imperatives, where often commercial rentals are pushing business into innovative ways to manage and minimise their space and resources. Fast-evolvin..
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