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Model: 9781580175951
Dressage is the ultimate achievement of oneness between horse and rider. This comprehensive training manual offers expert tips and practical exercises for mastering a variety of dressage techniques. Featuring a full arena diagram and step-by-step instructions for each exercise, this sturdy book is d..
Model: 9781603421430
"101 Drill Team Exercises" gives riders more than 100 exercises that build the teamwork and good horsemanship skills necessary to every successful team. The exercises progress from basic skill-building drills to fun and challenging synchronized formations, with detailed chapters on circular shapes, ..
Stock: 3 Model: 9781782495789
A practical, dip-in guide, packed with over 100 outdoor activities for children.In an era when the iPad is often more appealing than the park, it can be difficult to encourage kids to get off the couch and spend time outside. In this inspirational book, with ideas for children of all ages, there are..
Model: 9781612120522
Ground training is the key to a safe and pleasurable riding experience. This comprehensive series of exercises covers every aspect of ground training, from haltering to driving, turning to transitions, and backing to body languages. Designed for easy reference while working with your horse, this gui..
Stock: 29 Model: 9781909313903
Give your hangover the boot with 100 recipes for breakfast hunger-busters, healthy smoothies, hair of the dog cocktails, sweet treats and more.Hangovers, we all handle them differently-some prefer to face the pain head on while others like to hide under the covers, letting out the occasional patheti..
Stock: 1 Model: 9781580174657
Get jumping! This collection presents a logical series of fun and rewarding exercises that are designed to develop your horse-jumping skills. With straightforward instructions and clear arena maps, this guide can be hung on a pole and easily referenced from the saddle. In addition to clearly articu..
Model: 9781612128412
One-dish is a winning formula for today's busy families. In 101 One-Dish Dinners, Andrea Chesman shows off the versatility of Dutch ovens, skillets, and casserole pans. Classic baked dishes like ham and potato gratin, chicken potpie, and vegetable lasagne go head-to-head with diverse stovetop supper..
Model: 9781580173124
These 101 cookie recipes range from melt-in-your mouth versions of the classic chocolate chip cookie to cookies made using unusual ingredients. From cookies with of without nuts, chewy or crumbly, healthy, adventurous, or decadent - this book has a wide selection...
Model: 9780857833075
From the author of 101 Things for Kids to do Outside, which has fast become a go-to book for children and parents alike, comes this excellent new volume full of creative (and occasionally crazy) ideas for things to do when the weather is bad and you're stuck inside - without having to go any where n..
Stock: 70 Model: 9781780722870
Sometimes it seems like our whole society is underpinned by alcohol big nights out with friends, boozy corporate lunches, a cheeky wine with dinner. Perhaps it s time for a change.This book offers an imaginative mix of games and tips to remind you of the simple joys of an alcohol-free life.Whether..
Model: 9781612121703
Western horsemanship blends with classical dressage training in this relatively new discipline that offers a unique approach for both horse and rider. This systematic guide presents a series of Western Dressage exercises designed to improve suppleness, balance in movement, and responsiveness. Each e..
Model: 9780719819193
The Norman Conquest of 1066 and the Viking Conquest by Cnut in 1016 both had huge impcts on the history of England and yet '1066' has eclipsed '1016' in popular culture. This book challenges that side-lining of Cnut's conquest by presenting compelling evidence that the Viking Conquest of 1016 was t..
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