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Brand: Maverick Arts Publishing Model: 9781848861152
Ages 3 to 6 years When bubbles float away where do they go? Bibble and Bobby will find out in Alice Hemming's second picture book. On earth Bobby wonders where the bubbles go after they float away. Six hundred million light years away, Bibble, an alien, wonders where bubbles come from. So Bibble mak..
Brand: Heinemann Educational Books Model: 9781484603321
With engaging photos and patterned text, books in this series are perfect for introducing emergent readers to the topic of opposites. In Big and Small readers are shown fun and familiar examples of big and small things and quized on their ability to identify things that are big or small. A focus on ..
Brand: Charlesbridge Publishing,U.S. Model: 9781570916199
Billions of years ago, everything in the universe was crunched up into a tiny speck that was smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. How did this little speck become the universe we know today? Playful, alliterative verse and clear prose tell the story of the universe's journey from spe..
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452144474
In this artfully stunning and deceptively simple book, master book creator Lizi Boyd is at it again. Using her inimitable style to expand upon a familiar concept, she has created a book of unexpected opposites-a big zebra sweeping with a little broom, a big sea and a little fish, a big lion riding a..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781479557912
Little Giraffe is too big for his crib and must move into a big bed. It's hard at first, but Little Giraffe soon finds out how comfy his new bed can be. Sweet dreams, Little Giraffe!..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781523507115
Monsters are a total treat for kids. They turn up in stories and fairy tales all over the world, give kids thrilling yet safe shivers, help them work out real fears and anxieties, and empower them in the same way that dinosaurs do, inhabiting the kind of world that"s special in part because grown-up..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9780761139898
What a perfect gift. This work is irresistible for a newborn, or for a one, two, even a three year olds' birthday. It is ideal as a set that grandparents, aunts and uncles, in-laws, and close personal friends of the baby (babies have close personal friends?) will find particularly perfect to give. H..
Brand: Capstone Press Model: 9781404872240
Becoming a big brother is an exciting time full of smiles, smells, hugs, and kisses...
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452163901
Once upon a time there was a book about . . . MONSTERS! No. SPACE ALIENS? Nope ... a BUNNY! A GIANT SCARY TRUCK-EATING BUNNY?!? Um ... well, maybe it was a tiny bit big. From the curious mind of Rowboat Watkins comes a ginormously imaginative story that is as funny as it is philosophical. How big is..
Brand: White Star Model: 9788854411104
Colourful, captivating and enjoyable; this new series of four board books, illustrated in the unmistakable style of Agnese Baruzzi, is perfect for young children just starting to learn. 'Big and Small' teaches children the simple concept of what big and small means in relation to each other, with br..
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