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Picture books, activity books & early learning material

Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9781563056628
A colorful and imaginative take on the biblical tale of Noah and his ark, this three-dimensional sculptural board book takes you on board during that enormous flood. You'll get to know Lippman's winningly drawn animals who work together to make sure this ship is in top shape throughout the storm! Th..
Brand: Workman Publishing Model: 9780761112440
Rick Meyerowitz, renowned Schnozzologist, created the original Nose Mask craze 20 years ago with his classic books, "Nose Masks I" and "Nose Masks II." Now the nose mask is back! Get ready to spruce up your honker with 160 inspiried and wacky new designs guaranteed to put a smile under the sniffers ..
Brand: Maverick Arts Publishing Model: 9781848862012
Ages 3 to 8 years Tabitha Posy is a pest! She sticks her nose into everyone's business and the neighbours are scared of what she'll find out! One day, on a school trip to the zoo, Tabitha wants to know what a tiger eats for lunch and she soon finds out that she's on the menu! Rescued by a tickly fea..
Brand: Maverick Arts Publishing Model: 9781848863248
A humorous story that teaches children the importance of sharing in a light-hearted and funny way. Perfect for hat lovers with lyrical, interactive phrases. Written in prose by quirky author, Tracy Gunaratnam who wrote Preposterous Rhinoceros and Hamster Sitter Wanted. Bright and colourful illustrat..
Brand: Charlesbridge Publishing,U.S. Model: 9781570917066
Six-year-old Kylie Bell comes from a long line of not-so-tall people, but she remembers the family motto - 'Brave and smart and big at heart' - which helps her to treat the class bully with kindness...
Brand: Maverick Arts Publishing Model: 9781848861824
Ages 6 to 9 yearsA story about building confidence and leaving security blankets behind.Arnold doesn't want to go to school... not without his pet whale! Luckily, his neigbour, Dora, is full of good ideas. Soon the whale is joining in with the choir, football and even helping them count in maths. Th..
Brand: Maverick Arts Publishing Model: 9781848863408
All of George's family are yetis, except for George. George doesn't fancy chasing ramblers, or luring stray hikers to their doom. Perhaps he has something else in mind? A story of courage, acceptance and finding yourself...
Brand: Chronicle Books Model: 9781452154435
We all know nothing rhymes with orange. But how does that make Orange feel? Well, left out! When a parade of fruit gets together to sing a song about how wonderful they are - and the song happens to rhyme - Orange can't help but feel like it's impossible for him to ever fit in. But when one particul..
Brand: Charlesbridge Publishing,U.S. Model: 9781580896108
Find me if you can... for if you don't, I'll be here tomorrow... you won't. Animals and insects use camouflage to hide from hunters or to ambush prey. Stealth is a very useful technique when it comes to survival. In this fun and informative collection of poems, we meet animals such as the polar bea..
Brand: Priddy Books Model: 9781849154758
. Fun series of giant-sized puzzle and activity books for children aged five and over. Mazes, crosswords, wordsearches, spot-the-difference and more help to encourage learning and to develop multiple key first skills. 100 stickers to have fun with in each book. Ideal for use at home or in early year..
Brand: Australian Geographic Pty Ltd Model: 9781742458359
For every young numbat, a day does come when its time to leave home, their dad and their mum. When Numby heads out to find his own place, its a grand old adventure, a wild numbat chase!. An unforgettable book set in verse, this beautifully illustrated text tells the story of the Western Australian s..
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