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Costumes designed and made for devised or physical drama, for contemporary circus or for dance, differ radically from the more traditional costume work produced for naturalistic performance. For those working in the field - whether professional or student - these differences present challenges that ..
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The evolution of the "costumes of light," the elaborate costume worn by the bullfighters in Spain, is told in this luminous memoire. The book assembles the greatest stars of the Corrida the Spanish bullfighting arena resplendent in their elaborately embroidered suits, for a series of stunning portra..
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From its origins as a leading proponent of the 'Sydney School of Architecture' in the 1960s, COX Architects & Planners, known more commonly as COX, has grown to become one of Australia's largest and most successful practices with hundreds of projects and awards, spanning four continents. This new bo..
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Ever heard of the Air Sex Championships in Austin, Texas? How about bog snorkeling in Llanwrtyd, Wales? No? Then brace yourself for Nigel Holmes's bewilderingly funny ride through the wildest, oddest, and most wonderful cultural events. From snail racing and baby crying to throwing just about anythi..
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Creating Outdoor Theatre is a practical guide to putting on a performance outside, offering a brief history of outdoor theatre and explaining the unique production opportunities it offers. The book explains the design and production considerations peculiar to performing outdoors, including health an..
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Pantomime is a much-loved institution, but how is it created? What tools and processes are used? Working from purely a title, this practical book explains how a script and a design can develop together through the creative processes to culminate in the wonder and excitement of a unique production on..
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Helps you discover the thrill of working with hot metal and creating your own pieces. This book shows you how: with lavish photographs, it captures the excitement of working at the fire and explains the techniques to get you started. Drawing on traditional methods, it encourages you to develop your ..
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***SPECIAL PRICE down from $90.00 while stocks last*** Selecting a pair of glasses can be a tricky business. With so many styles and labels available, the choice is as much about making a fashion statement as gaining perfect vision. 'Cult Eyewear' is the first book to give an account of the world'..
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For ages silverware has been the source of inspiraton for many an artist. The trade reached an unprecedented level thanks to religious silver ware. Unfortunately, orders dropped away in the course of the twentieth-century. More and more studios had to close their doors, and monumental silver were fa..
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