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Capturing fleeting moments: Degas's mastery in the depiction of movement "No art could be less spontaneous than mine. Inspiration, spontaneity, temperament are unknown to me. One has to do the same subject ten times, even a hundred times over. In art, nothing should look like chance, not even moveme..
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Deserts are far from lifeless places. They're full of interesting wildlife, changing conditions and unexpected surprises - all of which are spectacularly displayed in this collection of photographs by renowned photographer Nick Rains. Lens by lens, click by click, the photographs in Desert Australia..
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Design is all around us, it is impossible to avoid. Everything that surrounds us has been designed - from the paperclip and the iPod, to our homes and the way we live. The A to Z of Design forms the definitive statement on design for this century, this mini book pays tribute to the leading names, mo..
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The car industry and the way in which cars are created have changed beyond all recognition over the last half-century. Automotive styling was once the grudging afterthought when the engineers had finished their work. Now, following a short flirtation with exotic Italian design houses, it has evolved..
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The aim of the book is to encourage anyone embarking on the construction of a stable yard - whether a single-horse owner or the proprietor of a large professional establishment - to consider aspects of the design in order to produce stables and facilities which are functional and provide an environm..
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How to Design a Typeface tells you everything you need to know and looks at the principles and processes of designing type, from its historical roots and interaction with materials and techniques to developing digitized type for modern use. In a working case study Jonathan Barnbrook, one of the worl..
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Learn to see the world with the smarts and visual acumen of a great designer. This treasure trove of pithy aphorisms, longer-form essays, and first-person interviews compiles years of design school education into one comprehensive yet compact book. Here are lessons in life and work, learned both in ..
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Design/build has progressively influenced the education of architects and designers. Previous publications have focused on products of design/build work. This book instead focuses on how design/build works. It places particular emphasis on the process of teaching design/build, drawing directly from ..
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46 remarkable contemporary pioneers in the field of interior design and their best works. The book illustrates the designers and artists who are active on the interior design scene as well as their works. Through this window, we can obtain the general view of those designers and artists. Their think..
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