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This captivating collection reveals the fascinating stories behind more than 60 everyday household objects and furnishings. Readers will discover tales from the kitchen, the bedroom, and every room in between, including: how napkins got their start as lumps of dough in ancient Greece, why forks were..
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Elmer Batters (1919-1997) was the grand master of leg and foot art. While others preferred the thrill of an inviting cleavage, the maestro's eye was on lower things-trim calves, the arch of a foot, the well-made lines of toes and heels. He chose his models with these criteria in mind-and with the ob..
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A vibrant and unique collection of full colour photographs with complementary text...
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This playful collection of rainbows is a bright and beautiful appreciation of all the colour that surrounds us. Artist Julie Seabrook Ream invites us to see the extraordinary beauty of ordinary objects: she gathers colourful iterations of a single type of thing, from feathers to fishing gear, matchb..
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England is blessed with many beautiful cathedrals, including the world-renowned Durham, with its geometrically carved pillars, Wells, with its astonishingly graceful scissor arch, and the gloriously uplifting Ely and its octagonal tower. For a millennia and more, these and similar buildings have we..
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Acclaimed architectural writer R.J. Brown has produced the definitive study of the huge variety of buildings and edifices to be found in the villages of England. Splendidly illustrated throughout, with nearly 200 pen-and-ink drawings by the author, "English Village Architecture" looks at the social,..
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The signs of France are a gateway into a country proud of its artistic heritage--a past that reveals itself in every nuance of daily life. Steven Rothfeld has been recording these images for decades, capturing the milky cornflower blues and faded yellows, the hand-lettered, the neatly printed, even..
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Ballroom dancing has become an increasingly popular pastime for all ages, inspired in recent years by reality TV dance programmes throughout the world. As one of the most inclusive dance genres, it offers both a social and competitive outlet for every ability. The Essential Guide to Ballroom Dan..
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The Essential Guide to Contemporary Dance Techniques explores the multifaceted learning processes and underlying principles behind the technical skills and abilities of a contemporary dancer. The depth and complexity of this challenging sensorial, intellectual, reflective and creative process is pre..
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