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Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407137896
Open Day at the fire station turns into chaos when George takes along Sparky. Clumsy as always, Sparky gets stuck sliding down the fireman's pole, sends a fire bucket flying and steps on the hose during a firefighting demonstration. But when a call comes in for a real emergency Sparky is able to ..
Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407130194
Little girls everywhere can celebrate all things fluttery and fairy with this beautifully illustrated activity book packed with doodles to do and puzzles to solve. Inside, readers can design their very own fairy outfits, help the lost fairy through the enchanted maze, decorate the ballroom for the f..
Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407130187
Little girls everywhere can celebrate the arrival of summer with this beautifully illustrated activity book packed with doodles to do and puzzles to solve. Inside, readers can design the girls" swimsuits, fill the rock pool with shells and starfish, spot the difference between the beach scenes, crea..
Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407131511
Discover More: oceans is for every child that is fascinated by sharks, tsunamis, palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs and superstrange-looking deep-sea fish. We know more about Mars than we do about the oceans that cover 70 percent of Earth's surface. Beautiful original photographs combined with up-to-..
Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407142470
Discover More Stickers: Sharks is a sticker-reference book about your favourite underwater predators. With over 250 stickers, children to create their own fun sharks reference book. Circle stranded pirates with great white sharks, create rows and rows of shark teeth, decorate..
Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407114859
Discover everything you need to know about sharks and sea creatures with Henry and his dog Mothball. A humorous, accessible entry into the world of facts for inquisitive young readers, in full-colour with simple glossary and index. Step inside Henrys House and join Henry, his dog Mothball and a quir..
Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407147895
Before the packed stadiums. Before he became a huge star. Jamie Johnson had to learn from the best. Jamie is the top player at his school but there's something missing from his game. He needs that bit of extra flair. He wants that touch of magic. Can the once-in-a-lifet..
Brand: Scholastic Model: 9781407120676
When Owl sees that Panda and Sheep both have yummy ice-creams, he wishes he did too. But will Panda and Sheep share with Owl? The perfect story for any child, "Yummy Ice-Cream" is a kind tale which shows us how easy it is to share...
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