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First published in 1958, this is the classic collection of myths relating to that cradle of Maori culture, Rotorua - with relevance across New Zealand Rotorua is one of New Zealand's most visited cities. It is impossible to avoid the area's Maori history and, in this book, it is easy to learn about ..
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The arrival of European missionaries in New Zealand had an immeasurable impact on Maori society. Like Them That Dream tells the intriguing story of early interaction between Maori and missionary, leading to the many distinctive responses to the arrival of Christianity. The book's first two parts con..
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Here's a fantastic tale for kids about the classic Kiwi holiday that includes a caravan, a beach and the sometimes-smelly toilet shed out the back of the holiday section - the longdrop. The kids need to go, and the public loo is sooo far away from their caravan. So, Dad builds a longdrop! When the p..
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Pronounce and understand Maori place names with the new fourth edition of Reeds classic guide to meanings and origins of names across New Zealand. Updated and with maps showing principal names, the new Maori Place Names also reproduces the beautiful illustrations from the original 1950 edition...
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Here is a full inventory of traditional Maori weapons with all the available written information about traditional weapons collected into one concise volume. The book provides complete cultural and technical information on the handmade weapons used by Maori, along with photographs and line drawings...
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Text in English and Maori. Imaginative, powerful and fun, this is award-winning author Tim Tipenes modern take on the classic story of Maui catching the sun, with vivid illustrations by well-known illustrator Zak Waipara. This handsome hardback marks the first book in the international childrens "In..
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First published in 1999, with an introduction by the late Michael King, The Musket Wars established Ron Crosby's reputation as a daring, original chronicler of New Zealand history. This best-selling history provides the first comprehensive account of the wars that ravaged the country in the early 18..
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My bum is so noisy. My bum brings me shame. It makes weird noises and I get the blame. This poor kid really has trouble with his bum. This time he's in a fix because some strange noises uproariously and unpredictably issue from his behind! There's tooting and hooting, and burping and slurping, and p..
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Every school holidays the kids go and stay with their nanny in her house by the sea. One morning (for some reason) Nanny Mihi gets the kids up early and they sit on the porch whistling a song until the sun comes up. Then they find out why - a bellbird appears and joins in the song. Whenever they com..
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Nanny Mihi's mokopuna come to stay during the school holidays. Each day, she sends them out to collect objects of a different colour. They scour the local beach collecting shells, flowers, seaweed and beach detritus left by humans, all the time asking, `why?'. By the week's end they have a collectio..
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In The New Zealand Experience at Gallipoli and the Western Front, historian Matthew Wright goes to the heart of how the First World War affected the lives of ordinary New Zealanders. The book analyses what it was like for New Zealand soldiers at the two main battle fronts where they fought, and fram..
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