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Mackinac Island Press

Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133095
After the sinking of the Griffon, Pachelot's adventures in the Old Northwest continue as he and Badger try to discover the fate of Keta. Pachelot joins forces with a coureur de bois - a woods runner - who is after a renegade fur trapper carrying a deadly weapon intended for an unsuspecting Indian tr..
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133033
Join PaleoJoe and his 11-year-old sidekick Shelly as they embark on their first adventure to solve the mystery of... The Disappearance of Dinosaur SUE. * SUE is a trademark of The Field Museum, Chicago and is used with permission...
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133323
When Uncle Gary mysteriously disappears, all he leaves behind is a mountain of sawdust and a nightstand that his eleven-year-old nephew, Billy, inherits. When Billy is awakened at night by noises from inside the nightstand, he takes a closer look and discovers a hidden panel that opens to an antique..
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133521
When a young girl tries to read surrounded by elephants, lions, monkeys and zebras, she is surprised, scared, and amused. When the animals want to read, the tables are turned. A fun-filled picture book that will earn giggles and laughs from children of all ages...
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133583
Imani is a young Maasi girl with a loving mother and a desire to do something great. When she decides she wants to touch the moon, she works hard to reach her goal, even in the face of teasing from the naysayers around her...
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133439
In this adventure, PaleoJoe and his Dinosaur Detective Club, Shelly and Dakota, search for rare blue mammoth tusks in Siberia where our heroes meet up with their old nemesis--Buzzsaw! Kids will devour these dinosaur CSI stories while learning cool facts about their favorite dinosaurs and paleontolo..
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133378
Book #4 of PaleoJoe's Dinosaur Detective Club. Raptors-one of the most exciting and scary dinosaurs ever-join in on this fantastic adventure where one of PaleoJoe's arch enemies comes back for his revenge. PaleoJoe found a real T-Rex and Triceratops in 2007 & 2008...
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133101
Book #3 of PaleoJoe's Dinosaur Detective Club. What is the Secret of the Sabertooth? In a race against time, Shelly and Dakota must help their new friend Sarra find her missing brother and solve the mystery of a unique Sabertooth skull and the ancient death trap for prehistoric mammals known as La ..
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133569
"On the surface, Leesie's just another seventeen-year-old orphan, bouncing from one high school to the next. In actuality, she's a Seer on clandestine missions. Leesie possesses the power to travel into layers of memory manipulating her conquests as directed by the clandestine organization of Seers ..
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133040
Book #2 of PaleoJoe's Dinosaur Detective Club. PaleoJoe's Dinosaur Detective Club is real adventure and real paleontology that all boys and girls love. Everywhere PaleoJoe goes, kids just can't wait to meet him and read his books. Teachers have even told us kids will almost miss the busses because..
Brand: Mackinac Island Press Model: 9781934133507
In THE YOUNG HEALER tradition meets contemporary when what starts out as just another day becomes anything but that for young Feather Anderson. Her beloved grandfather, a traditional Lakota healer, pulls her out of class one snowy morning and takes her on an old-fashioned vision quest in the heart o..
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