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Kawade Shobo Shin Sha

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Volume five in the World Premier Hotel Design series, this book showcases world-class hotel interiors in the USA and Asia, by the very best designers at work today. Illustrated throughout in spectacular colour, this book is a directory of cutting edge interior design for the hospitality industry. Al..
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The essence of contemporary premier hotels from around the world...
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200 colour illustrations In contrast with urban hotels that began by providing upscale dining and banquet facilities to city dwellers, resort hotels have their historical roots in the hospitality industry that started with hospital..
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SIZE: 295 x 225mm PAGES: 192 ILLUSTRATIONS: 4 b&w, 265 colour >>Hotels around the world will offer a 'Presidential Suite' or 'Royal Suite' for the use of VIP guests. Some of these wuites are larger than 1000 square meters, and some provide special security measures. In London, the famous Claridge s ..
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