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Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849183826
Captured by a mysterious army just as they escaped a Campton overrun with `zombie' children, Dodzi's group, along with what's left of the Clan of the Shark, discover an entire civilisation, ruled over by children who have been in the In-Between-World for a long, long time. Strict rules, a caste syst..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849184106
In the arenas, the Campton kids have won their citizenship' of the In-Between-World's strange society. Now free to come and go as they please, they've left town for the mountains, following Dodzi without really knowing why. When the young boy explains to them that he is in fact trying to discover wh..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781905460595
Assia Donkova is a young Muscovite, idealistic and very attractive. As the manager of an art gallery, she visits Paris museums and exhibitions in search of new Western talents. She meets painter Julian Morgan in front of a Monet. Quickly, the young woman falls under his spell. But is Julian an aspir..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781905460861
The fall of the Berlin Wall and the dismantling of the Soviet empire changed the world, engendered new rivalries and started a new kind of Cold War. From Paris to Moscow, from Berlin to The Hague and New York, mafia hotshots, ex-members of the Nomenklatura, powerful financial and industrial organisa..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849180429
A document has surfaced listing the names of American citizens who had shady dealings with the secret police of former East Germany. The CIA sends Alpha to escort its owner and his family, but some of the implicated people are influential and have a long reach, while other countries see the list as ..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181822
The murky worlds of intelligence and politics collide in Washington. The Cold War: the golden age of American and Soviet spies, a time when everything was clear-cut and simple. We're the good guys, they're the bad guys. Nowadays, CIA operatives like Alpha often feel more like commercial envoys than ..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849180979
After the failure of the Betelgeuse colonisation mission, Kim is back on Earth, where she is an increasingly popular figure. Meanwhile, advance scouts on planet Antares have witnessed some distressingly strange events. Worried about the future of this new mission, the sponsors of the Antares project..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181204
A brand new planet to explore, but people are people and some things never change. The Antares mission is underway. Kim, her daughter and her companions are on board the interstellar ship that carries the would-be colonists. Conditions are far from ideal, though. The fanaticism and bigotry of a larg..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181501
Bad luck, shoddy equipment and hostile fauna have stranded Kim and her companions thousands of miles from the Antares expedition's base camp. Abandoned to their fate by the fanatical leaders who cannot abide Kim's independent streak, wracked by internal dissent, the little group must make its way b..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181662
Kim's group, still stranded halfway across Antares, must get back to the base camp through a journey filled with deadly encounters. Meanwhile, at the base camp, a trip to the neighbouring planet - source of the strange ray that vaporised Kim's daughter - is being organised. The prospect of meeting a..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849182058
Kim's mission to the other Antares planet - the one from which came the mysterious beam that took her daughter - is underway, and the young woman desperately wants to believe she will find her missing child. One amongst her team has no shortage of faith, though: the insufferable Jedediah Thornto..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849182584
As her adventure concludes, will Kim find her daughter at last? As the main body of the Antares expedition faces a catastrophic situation and seems doomed to failure, Kim's little group is still trying to establish contact with whoever kidnapped her daughter Lynn. But the fanatic Jedediah is still t..
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