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Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781905460564
While driving on a road in Scotland, Yoko barely manages not to hit a girl who is absolutely hysterical and is being followed by a pack of dogs. The girl, Cecilia, is an orphan who lives in a genuine Scottish castle. Yoko and her friends soon realise that Cecilia is surrounded by oddities; a mysteri..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781905460946
Besides being very pretty, intelligent and combative, Yoko Tsuno is an electronics engineer who always remains faithful to her values: loyalty, friendship and respect for life. In this volume, a megalomaniac businessman has stolen the artificial typhoon created by Yoko's father and intends to use it..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849180412
In Hong Kong harbour, Yoko Tsuno must face the most powerful creature in human legend: a dragon.Travelling to Hong Kong to visit the Chinese branch of her family, Yoko is attacked by a massive, lizard-like creature. She finds a string of scientific clues and evidence, but as the pragmatic electronic..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849180825
There is a volcano in Bali, the Agung - known as 'The Morning of the World' by the locals. This is where Yoko meets up with her cousin Monya, who couldn't resist the temptation to use her time machine again. Her meddling with the past has caused a sacred dancer to be sentenced to death. To save the ..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181273
Pretty, intelligent and courageous Yuko Tsuno is an electronics engineer. With her friends Pol and Vic she travels round the globe and through time and space. Vic and Pol were working for a television network when they met Yuko. They quickly became friends, drafted a project and set out to investiga..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181648
Travelling down the Rhine, Yoko and her friends save a young stranger from drowning. Sensing foul play, the young Japanese girl decides to stay with her new friend Ingrid and investigate the unusual circumstances. There, amidst the beautiful castles of the Rhine Valley, she will face a danger straig..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181976
Yoko returns to the alien world underneath our own. A strange accident at an offshore platform in the Caribbean draws Yoko, Vic and Pol into a new encounter with the Vineans - aliens who have lived underground for thousands of years without the world's knowledge. But Vinean politics are changing; s..
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