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Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849183413
After another long day of charging, Blutch and Chesterfield make the acquaintance of Matthew Brady, a professional photographer dispatched by President Lincoln to document the ongoing historic struggle. Photography, still a new invention, together with Brady s talent for capturing the moment, are me..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849183833
Stark's constant, reckless charging has once again depleted the 22nd Cavalry. Faced with an understandable dearth of volunteers, the Army's brass drafts - without telling them - some freshly arrived immigrants. And Blutch and Chesterfield are tasked with instructing them in the art of riding down th..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849184304
Even as the sea blockade by the Union Navy slowly strangles the South, the picket ships begin to mysteriously blow up one after another. Lincoln, worried that the war could stretch on too long if the Rebels are resupplied, orders that the Confederates' secret weapon be identified. That means sending..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849185318
War rages on, and the wounded pile up - including Blutch, courtesy of Confederate artillery. The Union Army doctors are swamped. In order to address his shortage of healers, General Alexander brings in a quartet of female nurses. But while he did also recruit a foul-tempered 'matron' of sorts to dis..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781905460717
A humorous cult series about the misadventures of Sergeant Cornelius M. Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch of the Union Army's 22nd Cavalry. Set during the Civil War, the two heroes are captured by the Confederates and taken to Robertsonville prison camp, from which they try to escape five times. The ..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781905460823
This humorous series on the American Civil War centres around two cavalrymen in the Unionist Army: Cornelius Chesterfield, a zealous and devoted sergeant and Corporal Blutch, a reluctant soldier, highly critical of authority and who always tries to eschew yet another senseless battle. This highly co..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849180146
Blutch and Chesterfield go up in an observation balloon to spy on the Confederate troops - but the plot thickens when the heroes crash land on their superiors. The generals send them behind enemy lines to try and free Stark, who has been captured on a previous sortie. A tricky mission for both sides..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849180665
Blutch and Chesterfield get away from the 22nd Cavalry and go spend some R&R at Fort Bow, their old posting on the frontier. That's where Chesterfield's flame Amelia lives - the daughter of Colonel Appleton. But when the cavalrymen arrive, they find the young lady dancing with a dashing young lieute..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181082
After an even bloodier battle than usual, the Union army is out of men. But so are the Rebels, and General Alexander decides to retreat and come back with reinforcements quickly before the enemy can do the same. To move faster, he leaves his wounded - including Stark and Chesterfield - behind in the..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181464
General Alexander's Union army is out of horses, and it is now facing none other than Robert E. Lee himself. To rebuild the Northern Cavalry before the coming battle, Blutch and Chesterfield are sent to buy new mounts, with the help of legendary horse trainer Ben 'Bronco Benny' Wilcox. But, first, t..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849181839
The Blue and the Gray... and the Brown! While out on patrol, Blutch and Chesterfield encounter an unusual soldier: a woman wearing a Union uniform, who has come to join the army to look for her brother and uphold the family s honour. Blutch is unconvinced, but the sergeant, won over by the combinati..
Brand: Cinebook Ltd Model: 9781849182454
Contrary to what you may believe, even the very martial Sergeant Chesterfield didn't always wear the Union's blue uniform. Both he and Blutch were civilians at the beginning of the war - butcher's boy and barman, respectively. So, how did they find themselves in the 22nd Cavalry? Well, there was a r..
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