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Conquer Negative Thinking for Teens

Conquer Negative Thinking for Teens
Conquer Negative Thinking for Teens
You aren t what you think! For teens with negative thinking habits, a licensed psychologist and a health journalist offers cognitive restructuring a simple and effective cognitive behavioral approach to help you break free from the ten most common negative thinking habits that typically result in feeling sad, worried, angry, and stressed.This workbook offers a powerful technique called cognitive restructuring to help you reframe your thoughts, regulate your emotions, become a more flexible thinker, and stop letting your thoughts define who you are and how you feel. You ll learn to target the ten specific kinds of negative thinking habits that can cause you to worry or feel bad, such as the I can t habit, the doom and gloom habit, the all or nothing habit, the jumping to conclusions habit, and more!Each chapter will walk you through simple explanations of each kind of negative thought, and offers real-life examples as well as the sorts of behaviors, emotions, and bodily sensations that might be expected. You'll also gain an understanding of unhelpful or unrealistic thoughts, how to challenge them, how to replace them with more realistic and helpful thoughts, and an action plan for moving forward.By recognizing these negative thinking habits, you ll feel more in control and less anxious and sad. Most importantly, you ll be able to see yourself and the world more clearly. Your thoughts don t have to define who you are and how you experience life. The transdiagnostic approach in this book will show you how to kick negative thinking habits to the curb for good!
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