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But I Deserve This Chocolate!

But I Deserve This Chocolate!
But I Deserve This Chocolate!
So many people are motivated to lose weight, yet most will fail to maintain healthy eating and lifestyle habits or will succeed for a time, but eventually regain the weight they lose. Many more are diagnosed with diseases that can be easily controlled with diet and lifestyle changes that can be difficult to make. Pervasive, insistent thoughts such as "I deserve this!" and "I"m buying these chips for the kids, not for me," and discouraging, self-critical thoughts like "Who cares? I"m never going to lose this weight," keep many people in the habit of unhealthy eating. But I Deserve This Chocolate! targets the fifty most common self-sabotaging thoughts and habits. Each of the fifty chapters explains the mentality behind a particular excuse for unhealthy eating and offers readers a mindfulness exercise for rerouting the thought into a more productive, positive mentality toward oneself and a healthier attitude toward food and eating. This pocket guide to deflecting the thoughts that keep readers from getting healthy is ideal for readers who want to lose weight, those who simply want to eat more healthfully, or people who must maintain restricted diets due to allergies, diabetes, and other health issues.
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Author Susan Albers, Psy.D.
Book Type Paperback / softback
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Height 130
Width 176
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