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Light of Istanbul

Light of Istanbul
Light of Istanbul
"I always try to give my photographs a feeling of timelessness...I never know the photograph I'm going to make, the photograph comes to me, it finds me." - Jean Michel Berts The latest in a collection of volumes with Jean-Michel Berts' atmospheric photographs taken at daybreak, The Light of Istanbul is a magnificent homage to this mysterious and ancient city, capturing its aura of enchantment when the deserted streets and waterways are wrapped in a mystery all their own. Following the success of The Light of Paris, The Light of New York, and The Light of Tokyo, lensman Jean-Michel Berts turns his masterful eye to the ancient city of Istanbul. This exotic destination is revealed in Berts' otherworldly black-and-white photographs, taken at dawn, when the deserted streets and waterways are wrapped in a mystery all their own. The city's renowned landmarks and hidden corners are captured as never before, framed by Berts' camera obscura. With an evocative text by Alessandra Ricci, The Light of Istanbul is a spectacular volume on this enchanting city. AUTHORS: Jean-Michel Berts has been a photographer since the age of 16. With his first Rolleiflex camera he became sensitive to the effects of light. Using methods created by Ansel Adams, Berts makes photographs with 10-minute exposures, a technique combining overexposure of the film and underdeveloping of the negative, creating very rich textures. Today Berts enjoys an international reputation and exhibits his work at numerous art fairs around Europe. He has also worked on advertising campaigns for luxury brands such as Lancome, Dior, Hermes, and Yves Saint Laurent. Alessandra Ricci is Assistant Professor of Archaeology and History of Art at Koc University in Istanbul, with a Ph.D. from Princeton University, and she has lived and worked in Turkey for the last 10 years. She has appeared in several television documentaries, including programs for CNN and the History Channel, and she has written articles for newspapers including the Turkish Daily News and Corriere della Sera. Ricci is currently working on a book about life, architecture, and the archaeology of the Byzantine suburbs of Constantinople. ILLUSTRATIONS: Over 60
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