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That Should Be A Word

That Should Be A Word
That Should Be A Word
Wish there were a word to describe that anxiety you get over a stack of unread publications? Lizzie Skurnick coined one: pagita. Or for being mocked in social media? Lizzie has a word for that, too: Twitticule.

Since 2012, Lizzie Skurnick has been writing the hilarious "That Should Be a Word" feature for the New York Times Magazine's "One-Page Magazine," offering readers indispensable new terms to describe and navigate the perils of modern life-words like brattle v., n. To discuss one's children, often at length. (Anne hid in the basement to avoid the cocktail brattle.); or fidgital adj. Excessively checking one's devices. (Victoria grew tired of watching her fidgital fiance glance at his iPhone every 5 seconds.) That Should Be A Word comprises 244 of these immediately indispensable terms, organized by theme and arranged in ingenious diagrams suggesting their derivation and interrelation-for instance, the way skinjecture (speculation about the plastic surgeries someone has had) relates to iconoplast (one who chooses to age naturally) and donion (too many procedures). With witty illustrations throughout.
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Author Lizzie Skurnick
Book Type Hardback
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