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Forms With Fantasy: Design Today

Forms With Fantasy: Design Today
Forms With Fantasy: Design Today
Anyone with an eye fro trends or with an affinity for what's new knows that it is no longer a mortal sin to add decoration to the interior. Until a couple of years ago, it was just not the done thing to break the clean minimalism with fantasy motifs. Nowadays decorating a minimalist-looking table with a vibrant ceramic or a colourful textile seems to be a sign of excellent taste. Birds with elegant wings, flowers in bloom, insects which seem to have escaped a fairytale, dripping icicles, Greek Goddesses, baroque curls and elegant curves are invading the design world. Forms with Fantasy investigates and interprets this rampant trend for the first time. Over 100 designers illustrate how minimalism is becoming increasingly decorated, how they experiment with lace and cut-out techniques and how old styles can be brought up to date again and again. Text in English and Dutch. ILLUSTRATIONS 300 colour *
Book Type and Author
Author Moniek M Bucquoye
Book Type Hardback
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Height 230
Width 230
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