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Stock: 100 Model: 9780473165437
Rhyming children's picture book with full colour illustrations. "Everyone knows that kiwi birds always sleep in the day - all except Emily the Kiwi, who loves to play here ukulele." A story about the joy of music, and sharing. Also featuring Annie the Granny, Louie the Tui, Molly Morepork, Abigail F..
Stock: 100 Model: 9780473151348
A rhyming picture book about Lucie and her family going on a picnic in the park. They are soon joined by Penny Pigeon, Smokey Seagull, Daniel Duck, Goofy Goose, Wanda Swan, Abigail Fantail, Louie the Tui, Billy Blackbird, Robbie Rooster, Jacko Pukeko, and Harry Sparrow. Will there be enough crumbs f..
Stock: 100 Model: 9780473100490
Janet the Gannet from Muriwai Beach wanted to fly to a place out of reach...Jack was a boy who dreamed of flying . One night something magical happened - was it just a dream? Rhyming picture book by Janet Martin...
Stock: 100 Model: 9780473151324
Joe the Kakapo lives all on his own on an island way down south of New Zealand. One night he went exploring and fell down a slippery track. Poor stranded Joe had broken his toe! Who will come and rescue him? A rhyming picture book...
Stock: 100 Model: 9780473099749
Molly the Morepork only comes out at night. All of the other birds have gone to bed and she has nobody to play with. Then one night some children get lost in the bush. Can Molly show them the way back to their camp?..
Stock: 100 Model: 9780473195014
A young boy visits a moa at the museum, and imagines what it would be like if Noah the Moa came back to life, taking him back into the past. Written in rhyme. Includes sheet music of song inside cover...
Stock: 100 Model: 9780473151331
A rhyming story about the pukeko, a New Zealand native bird. "Lulu Pukeko found some old shoes, Jacko Pukeko discovered them too. Four pukeko feet, only one pair of shoes - what will the pukekos do?" A story about sharing, with the pukekos romping through the pages to find a surprise at the end! New..
Stock: 100 Model: 9781927290002
Squinty the cheeky one-eyed seagull loves trying out new tricks. One day he watches some surfers having fun on the waves and decides to join in. Rhyming picture book...
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