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Stock: 12 Model: 9781907151569
Perfect for any budding young interior designer, girls can customize and colour their dream home, down to the very last detail. Girls can go crazy with colour or keep it chic and simple to create their ideal home. From selecting the colour scheme for each room to designing the upholstery and acces..
Stock: 90 Model: 9781843173175
Hailing a nation with a distinguished and dramatic past, this unique gift book will take you on a trip down memory lane, toasting British triumphs in far-reaching spheres, including: great British symbols; famous British locations; the perfect cup of afternoon tea; the literature and artists of Brit..
Stock: 55 Model: 9781906082635
The essential book for any boy heading off on a holiday adventure! Packed with puzzles, quizzes and stories, things to make and games to play - guaranteed to keep any beach boy entertained. It's perfect size to fit into a child's rucksack so it is handy on the plane or in car, at the beach or on tho..
Stock: 3 Model: 9781904613657
The original volume in our best-selling "Children's Miscellany series". Packed full of fascinating facts that will astound and amaze, this irreverent but intelligent guide to the weird, wild and wonderful explores the bizarre truth about history, the animal kingdom, plants, planets and people...
Stock: 18 Model: 9781782437260
If you love vintage 1950s comics while also enjoying a challenge, have a go at the extreme dot-to-dots to be found in this wonderful collection. From classic Martians from outer space to little green men and unexplained life forms, this cast of weird characters will keep you entertained for hours as..
Stock: 28 Model: 9781782437277
Ghosts, ghouls and all manner of classic horror characters are waiting in this book of thirty extreme dot-to-dot puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours. All based on vintage 1950s classic comic covers, pick up your pen and join the dots to reveal some fantastic scenes - and then add colour..
Stock: 44 Model: 9781910552124
Far from the classic drawing books, Colour a Cat is about having fun with drawing and freeing up your drawing style. With over thirty cat illustrations, you will have inspiration on each page as well as space to draw your own...
Stock: 17 Model: 9781780552750
This adorable colouring book follows cute and cuddly toys having fun in a department store. From the 'Fastest Toy in The Wild West' to the cutest rubber ducky in the Bathroom Department, there are plenty of delightful critters to colour in...
Model: 9781780551593
This charming colouring book is the perfect gift for any girl who delights in detail. Girls can add their own colouring touch to marvelously miniature dolls' houses in all shapes and sizes. From furniture and wallpaper, to curtains and decorations, there is something inside for everyone. The partial..
Stock: 71 Model: 9781907151460
Doodle Time makes learning to tell the time is a breeze with the simple doodles to create and complete. Packed with dot-to-dot drawings to help young children with holding a pen correctly while familiarizing themselves with telling the time. Young doodlers can then enjoy joining the dots to draw ..
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