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Charlie the snail is taunted by three passing slugs. Charlie looks different, he has a big shell on his back. Bewildered and upset, Charlie has a very clever idea - to discard his once-beloved shell so he too could look like a slug. Alas! Being bare is not as easy as it seems. Painful sunburn, pelti..
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The Classics is a panorama of films spanning most of the 20th Century. Showcasing the great stars and directors of each era, Retro Film features more than 400 films, and more than 400 images, in its pages. With essential information and important background facts, Retro Film has all the great films,..
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Wildlife photography on land is nearly always done with a telephoto lens, with the photographer rarely getting close to the subject. Underwater photography on the other hand is the complete opposite, with the photographer required to get very close to the subject to capture great images. Fortunately..
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Our next title in the colouring book series is Dogs and Cats in Style, featuring wall paper backings. A paperback with flaps and foiled cover, this unusual edition will be sure to be a unique fit in the colouring in world...
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Colour Your World Your Way with this beautiful colouring in book for adults and teenagers. Discover your inner artist as you colour each pen-and-ink illustrations in this London colouring in book and discover the new London that you have created. Including images from the Palace, the London Eye, str..
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Painting and shading the attractive circular and square patterns of symbols and shapes presented in this book will help to relax the mind and develop an inner calm. Each pattern is shown in black and white line illustration with a blank page opposite so that finished artworks can be removed and fram..
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The latest book in our colouring-in range is Tarot. Featuring all the Tarot cards and decorative patterns to colour...
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Kale is being called the new beef, the queen of greens and a nutritional powerhouse. Kale is low in calorie, high in fiber and has zero fat. In Cooking with Kale Rena Patten brings another beautiful illustrated book this time sharing with us the benefits of kale. Kale is one of the healthiest vegeta..
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