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Japan will be the focus of sports fans over the next few years as it is hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2019, the Olympics in 2020, and the World Masters in 2021. This guide is a must-have for all fans attending sporting fixtures and aims to help you get by no matter how much or little Japanese you s..
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This book depicts in words, maps and photographs, the places of special importance which Cook visited or witnessed during his journeys from 1769 until his last departure in 1777. The locations are vividly described as they are today, and as they were nearly 250 years ago. Fortuitously for Cook, and ..
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Kiwiana celebrates items and icons from New Zealand's heritage, especially iconic Kiwi elements from around the middle of the 20th century. Many evoke a sense of nostalgia and are seen as contributing to our national identity...
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Antarctica is a fascinating place - it has no native inhabitants, and it's very remote and difficult to get to, which means everyone who goes there - today or in the past - has a special reason for wanting to go. It's a place that children can only imagine. This book is about the journeys - histori..
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Breath-taking landscapes, photos of dairies and local pubs, old buildings and rural scenes, a beach on a stormy day, a remote place in the bush or high country combine to portray a vivid portrait of the real New Zealand. Arranged not by area, but by theme and feeling, the photographs are Robin Morri..
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At the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month each year New Zealanders remember the end of the First World War. Armistice Day, Philippa Werry's new book for children, commemorates the day when fighting stopped in Europe. Partnered with best-selling Anzac Day, it makes an excellent ..
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This eye-catching book offers a national perspective on New Zealand's mid-twentieth century Art Deco heritage and explores its impact on the appearance of many of the country's towns and cities. Art Deco buildings of famous locations like Napier and Hastings are considered, but this accessible book ..
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New Zealand has a wealth of creative talent on display through numerous art galleries in towns and cities up and down the country. Some owner/artist galleries specialise in the work of one artist, while others prefer to represent the work of several artists or specialise in various media, including..
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The incidence of New Zealand parents changing the name of their baby before the child's second birthday rose by 12 per cent in 2012. Increasingly, parents want to know the meaning behind the name they choose and many are keen to find a name that reflects the child's ancestry. In this expanded editio..
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