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IN STOCKAuthor Sai Yoganathan’s cookbook A Kitchen Well-Travelled is dedicated to her father who died of a brain tumour. 100% of the author’s royalties from the sales of the cookbook will go to the New Zealand Brain Tumour Trust. Sai was born in Jaffna, a peninsula in the northern province of Sri La..
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A survival bible on safer air travel for tourists and business travellers Why you need this book:- You could pay less for your next air ticket.- You could triple your free baggage allowance- You will travel more comfortably- You will travel more safely- You will have questions answered and fear..
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How genetic engineering could irreversibly change our world.Decisions we make today on genetic engineering may well have irreversible repercussions for the future of all life on Earth. The effects of GE have the potential to be cumulatively catastrophic, and to affect all future generations.Once the..
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One man's memoir of World War II, which took him from the Blitz to the jungles of Burma, to the devastation of Hiroshima. New Zealander Brian Hennessy's story is published for the first time."I consider myself lucky to have survived the global carnage still myself, a reluctant soldier who had to go ..
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Golden Month outlines a holistic approach towards postnatal care that amalgamates the best practices from different cultures throughout the world.An acupuncturist and teacher, Jenny Allison has spent a decade researching this book. Golden Month aims to debunk the anxiety-inducing myth of the perfect..
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Imagine the flipside of Empire of the Sun.A German boy grows up in Shanghai'€™s International Settlement in the shadow of World War II. He is the son of a diplomat and lives a sheltered, privileged life. But his world is changing. It is the time of the Japanese occupation, Chennault's Flying Tigers,..
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When Kim and Jeanette Goldwater planted their first tiny vineyard on a couple of hillside acres on the magical island of Waiheke, just 15 miles east of Auckland City, all the leading experts warned them that grapes would not grow in that inclement salt-laden environment.The Goldwaters, both 4th gene..
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Matakite-o-Maui is in fact a very ancient system of divination for prophesy used by the Maori seers and prophets. It is created around Maui-tikitiki-a-Te Ranga, otherwise known as Maui, a demi-god, a hero by his many feats, and also an ancient ancestor to Maori.Accounts of Maui'€™s life are portraye..
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